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The domestic removals service was excellent value for money. Removals knows what works, knows what people are after.

As a commercial lettings manager I often assist with office removals and always recommend Movers. Each and every time we've used them they've provided a service that both my clients and I are extremely happy with. The pricing is great too.

I'm really glad that I chose Removals to help me with my office move. I wasn't moving far away, but I did have a lot of expensive and large equipment to take with me. Their services included a very good moving van and the help and support of experienced movers. I was able to move with little disruption to my schedule, and was soon settled into my new office with no problem! Thanks for the help!

I had had a bad experience when moving goods before, so I didn't want to take any risks. The last time I moved, lots of my things were broken during the process, so I called ManandVan this time to see how I could prevent that. The support and advice they gave me was just what I needed, as I soon had the best material and their staff helping me. Nothing was broken, lost or even dirty. Everything was intact when the move was over, so I have to thank them for providing all their help.

It was so great to find a moving company who did exactly what they said they would. They told me a time, and they showed up right on the dot. They gave me a quote and didn't charge an extra cent. They said how long the move would take and they ran like clockwork. I was so impressed with ManandVan and really pleased I had them at my service for my moving day!

My wife is very picky about letting strangers handle our belongings, so when I took ManandVan's advice on their blog and hired their packaging service along with the removal, she was not very happy about it. However, by the time they had finished with the job, she had completely turned around and was in praises for the care they took in carefully and safely packing every article and their highly efficient transport system. I love how easy they made the move for us!

Moving a business can be extremely stressful as time is money. However I have just had one of the best moving experiences of my life. ManandVan did a fantastic relocation of my office contents. The skilled office removals teams were competent and thorough. Great care was taken and nothing was broken or lost. In addition I was also very pleased with the price I paid for the move. If you are moving business premises I would certainly ask you to use this firm.

ManandVan is a company that I've heard a lot about from friends and family, but I only recently got to try their services for myself for the first time. I chose to hire a man and van from them for my house move, and I had quite high expectations! Luckily I wasn't disappointed, as my mover was really dedicated and worked exceptionally hard to get me and my belongings moved in a short amount of time! This is a service that's worth trying if you want professional moving help, and I've found it's great value for money as well.

ManandVan transported all my belongings from my old house to my new house and I have never had such a smoother move in my life. So I just want to leave a message to the team saying how pleased I am with the result. Thank you! Moving is never easy and it is so helpful when you have a good company to rely on. It has been amazing working with you. Thanks a lot. I will definitely hire you again if I move again in the future.

The job of getting everything that you own form one place to another is never going to be stress free, but the fact of the matter is that a great removal company will make it a lot less stressful. I have used ManandVan twice now, and they were excellent both times, so I figured it worth recommending them! A lovely team of people, from the phone staff to the movers themselves, it has been a pleasure to work with them each time that I have had to, and I see no reason as to why I would not do so again!

This company is excellent when it comes to office removals! I used ManandVan after hearing good things from a friend of mine, and they were nothing less than brilliant when it came to my office move. I was worried about so many things, from lifting my computers and desks to getting everything into the van. The staff put me right at ease with their professionalism though, and their experience and knowledge really shone through. This is a very impressive office removal company and if you want affordable and reliable office movers then this is the company for you!

You know that moving office is going to be a nightmare, but until you actually have to do it, you don't realize how terrible it can be! I used ManandVan for our recent business move however, and it was a lot easier than I expected! The one before hand had been a complete disaster, but this time it was really relaxed. All down to the office removals team at ManandVan, had it not been for their help I would have been completely screwed! I'll certainly be using them again should we need them, and would recommend the team highly.

I hope that I can recommend the international removal abilities of ManandVan with this review, as they really do deserve it. I was absolutely terrified of how our move would pan out, but sure enough, the international removals team sorted a plan out that ran as smooth as clockwork, and now we're here, loving our new life! I was extremely impressed by the whole operation, and would thoroughly recommend the team to anyone else that is looking to move abroad for a new lease of life!

The right help makes such a big difference in these kinds of situations, you never really notice until it's all over. That's why I wanted to come online and look back with the benefit of hindsight over all of the help which ManandVan managed to give us during the move. Everything form the van rental to the packing service was absolutely ideal and you could really tell that they knew what they were doing during the process. I will definitely be hiring them again next time (if there's a next time) that we move home. Just a great service.

I've used ManandVan five times now. I use them because they always deliver maximum value for money and minimum stress! Even though the jobs have been small, I have no doubt they'd be able to replicate the magic on a larger scale. They're a company I feel I can trust, and I genuinely love using them. They deliver a bespoke and friendly feel each and every time, which is something you really cannot put a price on. Give them a go - I guarantee you will be impressed.

My elderly mom moved house last week and because we are not around, as we immigrated to Australia last year, we had to find her a removals company who could offer hands on help. She's 79 and although she lives independently she does rely on help lots of help and support on a daily basis. We needed to find a company that could be more than helpful they also needed to assist her during the move to. We chatted to a company found on the internet ManandVan and they were very helpful from the get go, thanks so much!

Was delighted to come across ManandVan when I needed moving services a fortnight ago - I'd been comparing quotes from various removal companies and they were all way out of my price range. I was feeling really stuck and a bit desperate, and then I chanced upon ManandVan - the rest, as they say, is history. The fees were highly agreeable, but this certainly wasn't a cheap and cheerful option. Well, it was reasonably priced and it made me very cheerful, but it wasn't bog-standard by any means - really great, comprehensive service from people who know what they're doing! A bargain!

Thank you so much to all the team at ManandVan for being there from start to find. It has been such a relief having such an amazing company to rely on for amazing removal services. I used this company for both removals and for storage too and I was more than happy with both services. All in all, I couldn't be happier with their services and I would certainly hire them again for anything I need. They never fail to amaze me with their fantastic services! Go ahead and book a date with them now if you need help. You won't regret it!

The value of a good removal is huge, and when the good removal is of good value, then you have a win - win situation! We recently moved house with ManandVan and they were incredible with ensuring that we were well looked after throughout the process, and made perfectly sure that there was nothing we were left wanting afterwards as well. From providing packing materials, to giving us advice on how to unpack easily, they were wonderfully helpful, and all for a very good price! A wonderful team with a great skill set.

There might be only so many times that I can say thank you to ManandVan before they start to get sick of me. After so many terrible and slow moving companies that I've hired in the past, when I was moving into my dream home I was certain that I was going to do everything right. And that meant hiring the right moving company. After talking to so many people, one name stood out and now that I'm settled into the new home I can see why that name was on everyone's tongues. There is no better option out there.

In the many years that I have lived with my husband, we have undergone a fair few removals. However, our recent move with ManandVan was absolutely the best and easiest that we have every had! I was very surprised to find myself thinking that things were going well, as I never really have a chance to think about anything during a removal as we are usually so busy! This time round it was very much more relaxed, as the team were great at keeping things well organized and calm, making for an excellent removal over all, I can't thank them enough!

Moving house was an absolute joy thanks to ManandVan and the help that they provided for my family and I. We hired a team of movers who were very efficient, and they got my boxes and bags all loaded up without any problems. The movers were professionals when it came to moving my heavy furniture, and even my glass table wasn't a problem! The move was really simple and I wasn't stressed at all! The company provided me with an amazing service that was very affordable too, and I'm very pleased with everything that they helped me with. I'd call again and again!

I decided to relocate to a new office a few months ago and the whole process took a lot of thought, effort and planning. I wanted to hire an office removal company and a business associate told me about ManandVan. I wasn't sure at first but after reading some great reviews I decided to call them. Straight away I was impressed with the thoroughness of the staff over the phone - they wanted to make sure they knew everything and that I got all of the services I needed. When it came to moving day my movers were efficient and professional, and I really couldn't ask for anything more. A very impressive company for office removals!

My husband was moving job so we all had to go as it was for at least two years. Though we weren't selling up we were renting but wanted to take all of our own things to our new home. I was given the name of a firm by a friend so I called them for more details. ManandVan were great from the first meeting for a quote. We were thrilled with the cost and they were sorting the packing as well as the removal. The whole move just went so well, and the team was friendly and worked hard from start to finish.

For me, finding the right removals company is about finding someone who you can trust to handle all of the heavy lifting. I've moved a few times, but no other company has come close to matching ManandVan for their ability to provide me with the services which I require at a price which suits me. Every time I move with them, everything is handled in the proper manner, and I can happily trust them with even my most delicate items. If you are looking for great moving solutions, then I can heartily recommend any of their services, any time.

I didn't really have that much stuff to move, but the whole team at ManandVan made sure that they still carried out the job in the quickest manner possible. Having hired them before, I was aware of just how good they were, but this time I thought it might be a bit different as I had far less things. This was far from the case and even though it was not as big a job, they still brought the same level of professionalism I have come to appreciate. And a great price as well, which made a huge difference. Thanks again, shall pass on the praise to anyone who needs it.

It's been a while since I've had to move house, but if it's always as easy as this then I'll probably be up for moving again sometime soon. I was worried that all of my things would be broken, that there would be delays and I would be severely out of pocket. Well, exactly none of that was true and all of my things made it safely to the new home in no time at all, and at the same time I managed to get a great deal and paid far less than I was expecting. If you're looking to move home, I'd give ManandVan right now.

Just wanted to drop by and say a big thanks to ManandVan who really helped us out last weekend. They managed to keep on top of all of the packing and moving, meaning that we had relatively little to do. Everything was handled efficiently and we got a really great deal, so I can't really ask for any more that than, can I? If I were to move house again tomorrow, I would have no issue with calling them right this second; best moving experience I think I've ever had. Hugely recommended and a great price at the same time.

When I read all the positive reviews on ManandVan's website I took them with a pinch of salt. 'They might be good but they can't be that good' I told myself. Well wasn't I wrong - these guys are phenomenal, and really quite reasonably priced! I opted for a full removal; at my age I just can't warrant all the lifting with my back and these guys took care of everything with speed and efficiency that I just haven't seen before. That is what compelled me to leave my ten-penny-worth on their website, because I really have never experienced a better removal service.

You've simply got to shout when you experience something as good as this. I couldn't believe how simple they made moving seem. I was fretting, lots, as was my wife. We were worried because we thought we had quite a specific set of circumstances on our hands which we thought we make moving home a torrid time. From the off, though, we knew that we were in good hands. It was a really professional operation and they were excellent in keeping us relaxed and happy the entire time. After the company did their best to help us, I wanted to let everyone know. Thanks again, guys.

ManandVan made my move easy. I'm sorry, I'm usually pretty terrible at this, so I can't really go on and on about what details and everything. But all I know is that I've hired removals firms in the past and they have never made the move as easy as this. So I thought I'd write in and tell everyone that the entire process was made a great deal easier, in every way, because we hired the right removals firm. So, I guess if you want the right experienced, you should follow in our footsteps.

A heartfelt thank you to the crew of movers who helped me move yesterday. ManandVan can truly be proud of your crew of guys. They were all so professional; understanding and went out of their way to set my mind at ease. As a single mom of four I was dreading having to uproot my kids and move to a new neighbourhood; but thanks to your professionalism and dedicated fun-loving moving crew the entire experience turned out to be a wonderful adventure. I loved the fact that everything was done for me; from the packing to the unpacking; even the exact placement of heavy furniture was done prior to these movers leaving. You guys are the best!

The unpacking service from ManandVan really helped me out after I moved house. I'd put so much thought, time and effort into preparing for my house move, that when I actually got to my new home I found myself overwhelmed with boxes, bags, appliances and furniture. I knew I needed professional help and I'm glad this was the company that I turned to! The staff managed to get me all unpacked and settled in no time at all and there was no need for me to worry. This was a really inexpensive service as well and I really am very pleased!

I can't believe how helpful and fantastic this removals company is! I called ManandVan to get a bit of advice for my house move and they were able to do so much more than that! When my moving day came around I had movers, a removal vehicle and lots of friendly advice to keep me sane and prepared throughout the whole day. The movers were all very lovely and considerate and took great care with my valuable and fragile items. I was settled into my new house in no time at all and it's all thanks to this company!

I was head of a small office and as my business grew I realised I'd have to move both me and my employees into a bigger building. I was really dreading this - it seemed like so much effort and hassle and I just didn't have the time or the energy to worry about it all. I heard about ManandVan and their office relocation service through a business partner and I got in touch straight away. The staff were able to make what seemed to be a mammoth task into lots of little and easy steps so that I didn't need to panic. A fantastic service that I couldn't have done without!

I have a new found respect for the removal man. I must say I had never given the industry a lot of thought, but I recently moved house and found that trying to get everything working in an organized and mannered way was nigh on impossible. In a way, it is thanks to ManandVan that I ended up being able to move at all, as I would have probably messed it up otherwise! They were really nice to deal with, and worked extremely well with myself and the rest of the family in trying to get the place moved in an efficient way. Anyone who needs a really solid and committed removals team on their relocation should give the team a call, as they really are fantastic.

Moving house with ManandVan could not have been easier really. I was a little apprehensive about getting everything wrong, but they walked us through everything, and it all went really well. Essentially, normal people don't have a great knowledge of the removals industry as they are not well acquainted with it. A company that can steer you past all of the potential pitfalls is a great thing to have, so give them a ring as soon as you can!

Knowing full well that it was going to be a nightmare, we hired ManandVan to help with our removal, in the hope that they could help us have a slightly less stressful time. However, we were not expecting to be quite as taken aback as we were, as the team made such light work of what we had thought was a pretty big job! You would not believe it, the whole thing was so calm, composed and easy, that we happily handed over the fee, which seemed low in the wake of such a great job!

If you need a great removals team to get you moved, then you need look no further than ManandVan. These lot are incredibly efficient and well mannered, it's like having a team of robots do your move! I was really pleased to have them around the house when they were, and they got on well with the family, which was an added bonus! The price for a large house move was extremely good value, so I'd say it's worth checking them out to see how much they can do for you!

I called ManandVan after hearing great reviews from a friend. I needed a reliable company that could provide a comprehensive and thorough home move. I had used moving companies in the past that were just didn't have the expertise to deliver my move so I was reluctant when I hear about ManandVan. They promised great service, but I was sure that it came at a cost. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised! They provided a diligent and professional home removal service at an affordable cost. Their staff were friendly and knowledgeable and really got the job done. I would surely recommend them.

I worked with ManandVan to complete my home move. I had seen reviews in the newspaper and decided to give them a call. I was immediately impressed by their enthusiasm over the phone and decided to start working with them. They worked diligently to pack up my belongings in an organized manner. Their staff members worked very well together and they were able to remove even the largest objects through tight corridors and hallways. I would definitely recommend ManandVan to anybody looking for a reliable and affordable removal company. What a great service!

I was so pleased with how ManandVan handled my home move. They were diligent, respectful and hard working. I worked with one of their planning staff to organize the move. We found an arrangement that was convenient for my schedule as well as theirs. The moving staff were prompt when they arrived at my house and were ready to work. I was impressed with their service and most of all, with their affordable prices. I would call them again and surely recommend them for anybody planning a home move.

The staff at ManandVan were very helpful in executing my home move. Throughout the entire process, they were friendly and prompt. They were always ready to work at the scheduled time. They knew just how to pack and wrap my belongings to ensure that nothing was damaged. The move was smooth and they made sure I was comfortable throughout the process. If you are looking for a reliable and professional man and van company, then I would surely recommend ManandVan. Their service was also affordable, so it is appropriate for any budget. Thanks again, team!

Moving house is a matter of being organized, industrious and patient! You will no doubt need to ensure that you have a good company on your side, and that is where I can help! The team from ManandVan were absolutely amazing on our recent move, and the price was really great given that the service was so good! I would recommend them to anyone who needs a decent service for an affordable price.

If you're in need of a great team to get your home moved for you, then you are in luck. This lot are the best! You should find them to be a class act, getting you moved with ease, style and a certain amount of wit. If you need a cheap and easy solution, look no further than these boys.

Cheers to ManandVan for a great move recently. It all went really rather well because of you lot! I had a great laugh with the whole team, and the whole process was a lot more fun and friendly than I had expected. On top of this, the price was pretty low as well, so it was a great deal all round. I hope that anyone who needs a great team to move them between homes will give these guys a call, as they truly deserve it!

Hopefully all reading this will give ManandVan a call right away, as they are amazing. I'm serious when I say that; they really did make my removals a lot less of a stressful experience, and I was really pleased with how little I needed to do. The team were amazing, really hard working, and they even got on with the two dogs that I own, who were very nosy throughout the move! Some people you just don't get on with, and it is weird having them in your home, but this lot were really fantastic! Highly recommended to all.

Knowing that the move was going to be tough, I rang round to a few companies to see if there was anyone out there who could help us out despite our meagre budget. If you have ever tried to move house, you will know how expensive everything can be, so I didn't have a huge amount of hope for it all, but ManandVan were great on the phone, and agreed to a quote that we could afford! They did a great job, and with the price being what it was, the whole thing was incredibly stress free! A highly recommended company, great job!

Moving house is really rather a stressful thing to do. I have found that almost everything that can go wrong tends to if you do not expect it to, so it was nice to have a company who seemed prepared for the very worst at all points. ManandVan seemed to have the mantra that if you are prepared for something to happen, then when it does happen, it won't feel like an issue, because you are ready for it, which worked well in our case! In a way, there was little more that I could have asked of them, as they covered all bases for a great move!!

Great job by ManandVan this last week. Excellent removal from an excellent company, really made my day! I was a bit concerned that they would not be worth the price, but they certainly were, what with all the little extras like advice on the phone, and getting everything done as quickly as was humanly possible. I was seriously pleased by how easily everything got done, and felt that the service was well worth the price, so excellent value for money. I'd recommend the crew to any of my mates, so nice job to them!

I was delighted by the performance of the removals team from ManandVan. They did a great job and were all very nice to work with. The team made sure that everything was treated safely, and that nothing was damaged, including themselves, which was excellent. The whole process went really rather well, and the price was good, though I would have been happy to pay as much as was necessary to ensure a safe and efficient removal. This is what I got, so great value all round! Me and my husband have already recommended the crew to a few friends and family in the area, so thought it wise to come on here and do the same!

I was really happy with my recent move with ManandVan. I am very busy with work throughout the week, and need to spend a lot of time with my kids in the weekends because of it, so moving really was not something that I had time for. The reality is, if you need a team who can get on with things and take a little initiative when you are not available, then these are the guys for you! I was really happy with how everything went, and would recommend them highly to anyone out there.

Having had varying success with removals in the past, I was really happy to have a decent company that did a decent job on our last move. I've had teams turn up late, drop priceless antiques that my wife still talks about, and generally terrible customer service, but not from ManandVan. This lot were great all the way through, prompt and doing a proper job, then were all that I needed from a team for a successful removal, so a big thank you to them, and a big recommendation for them to all out there who need a job doing right.

Knowing that I only had two weeks before my move, I was quite nervous that I would not be able to find a company who could take on my booking at the last minute. The team at ManandVan said that it would not be a problem to fit me in at the last minute, but I was still a little concerned that the job would be rushed, or that the staff would be sluggish after a long day the day before. None of this was the case, as my move went really easily!

I'm happy to say that ManandVan did a sterling job on our removal last week, we were well looked after even in the planning stages, and they offered a great deal of advice for free, which was nice, having dealt with lawyers for the past few months! Getting everything prepared was pretty easy once we had been told what to expect, so when the move came, everything was well sorted, and it all went really smoothly. The removers were really nice, and everything was moved without any damage, so all was well.

Moving house can be seriously stressful if you aren't prepared, and I really wasn't. I had a lot on my plate with academic work, and trying to get everything in order before the removals people came round was proving difficult. ManandVan made me feel a lot more relaxed however, and ensured that I would be well able to get my stuff in gear before they started moving things. In the end, I pretty much ended up working on my papers most of the way through the move, only needing to stop to advise on certain things that they needed to know. Great job!

I can't stress enough how much help the team from ManandVan were on our recent removal. The wife and I were ready to have to do pretty much everything ourselves, so having a load of guys who were there to ensure that we could relax a little was a perfect surprise! Everything was very calm and collected, and the team worked hard, letting us put our feet up a little, which was nice. If you're a Scrooge with your tea and biscuits however, then this ain't the company for you, they love a cuppa!

There are many ways to mess up a removal, from breaking things, to treating the customer with less respect than they deserve, I have had it all, as I have moved house many times. I have had some seriously bad and pretty good experiences, and the recent move I did with ManandVan was pretty great all round, certainly near the top of the list for me. There was not a hitch, and the staff were all very respectful towards me and the family, so I cannot fault them at all, great value for money all round really.

I'd like to say thanks to the people at ManandVan who have made my life so much easier in terms of moving house. I was not really that well prepared for the undertaking that it is, and there is no way that i would have been able to do such a massive job without them. The team were great, and very efficient, and the price was certainly fair, given how much work they put in on my behalf. I would recommend them in an instant, thanks!

Thank you ever so much to everyone at ManandVan for making our removal such a pleasant experience. It is really difficult to know who to go with, and these decisions are important, so it is a pleasure to say that we chose wisely in finding our removals team. Everything went swimmingly, and there were no problems with damage or service, so a good job all round! The staff were friendly and made our two little girls feel relaxed about the whole thing, which was a concern for us, as they may not have reacted well to a team of big men taking all of their things! Thanks again!

ManandVan made our move much less of a nightmare than I expected. They came round and planned things for us, which took the weight off our mind a fair bit, and we felt like we were in the hands of professionals from the outset. Once we knew that they had everything under control, we were free to worry a little less, which meant we could get back to work and look after the kids, so everyone felt that little bit less of an upheaval. The move went without a hitch, and the pricing was very fair, so thanks again!

My brother and I set up a business eighteen months ago and we had a very successful first year. We wanted to move to a bigger office and ManandVan helped us do that very quickly. It was important that we moved as fast as possible as we work long hours and didn't want to suspend our services at all, and that was all possible with this company's excellent removal team. I can't praise them highly enough, our business is doing really well and the move caused absolutely no disruption to us. I would definitely recommend this company if you are thinking of moving.

I've never been a fan of moving house and suspicious of removal companies as many of my friends have had real problems with providers in the past. However I had no issues or difficulties whatsoever with ManandVan. My house moving experience with them was much less stressful than I expected. Everything was planned and organised, and the removal team were very helpful and efficient. The move was completed very quickly and this was important to me as I work long hours and didn't need to be spending ages packing and unpacking - the removal team helped me with all of this. All in all, I'd definitely recommend them.

This was my second move with ManandVan and, once again, they did not fail to disappoint. The firm always works hard to ensure that my moves are undertaken in my free time, rather than forcing me to get time off work. On this occasion, the removal had to be carried out at the weekend but the staff were more than happy to do this. As usual, the movers were friendly and hard-working, completing the job in excellent time once again. Thanks very much for another excellent move!

ManandVan provided me with a very good service. I am a taxi driver, that is my trade, and because of that I am often working late nights. But this did not matter because the removals men were very efficient. They helped me move out of my flat in just a matter of hours. They were also very good value for money which is very important to me because let's face it times are hard. Also they were very nice guys. I recommend them highly to you if you are thinking of moving to a new place soon.

I emailed ManandVan when I knew I was going to be moving flats recently. It was very refreshing to be met with a courteous, professional representative on the other end of the line. I explained to this person that I needed to arrange moving day for my entire office at work and sure enough, this was arranged straight away. On the day they did everything a business would require, from keeping their time well to respectively not getting in the way of some of my colleagues who were also on site at the time. The move was quite a big one but this company handled it very well and I shall definitely be using them again. Kindest regards.

As a business owner I have always appreciated high quality service of any description, in fact I pride myself on the quality of service my employees give. However, it makes it even easier to appreciate the quality of care taken by the Man with a Van employees. I was understandably anxious about the potential to lose business days but thanks to their optional extras like packing, we were out of our rented space and into our brand new office over the course of a weekend. I could not be happier and will use them again for personal or work moves.

I have used so many removal companies in the past that were unreliable or expensive, but Removals provided the right balance of services to accommodate my needs. Their costs were not overly expensive and their quality was top-notch. They were reliable and friendly which made working with them even better. A home relocation doesn't have to be daunting and full of stress when you chose the right professional moving service and I surely did and recommend that you call them too if you're looking for that perfect removal service.

I was really worried about the stress home moving might cause on my family. Me and my husband are professionals and were working throughout the entire move while also taking care of our children. There just wasn't enough time to also start packing and planning. Hiring Man with Van was the best choice we made as they were organized and efficient and could provide the services we needed. We would have never been able to move so successfully without their reliability and flexibility. They were utterly fantastic.

Choosing the right removal company can be difficult. Companies often advertise great services but then throw in extra fees and the price becomes simply unaffordable. At Man with Van, they offer exactly the services that they provide and are upfront about the cost beforehand. I was so impressed with their services as they got to work immediately and really customized their services to my needs. I couldn't recommend a better company for such an affordable price. Great job team!

Moving with Removal Company was the best choice I made throughout my office removal process. I had had so many complications throughout the buying and selling process and I was ready just to be moved and settled so that my company could get started again. Removal Company provided a great service; they worked on my schedule and their staff were friendly and professional. I couldn't have asked for a better service. I would definitely recommend them for a business move as they understand how important time and money are to any company. Great service!

Moving with Man with a Van was the best choice I made during my home move. I was having problems selling my home and the process was just going terribly. I called Man with a Van after a recommendation by a friend and was so relieved to find that they offered excellent and affordable service. The final home relocation process was simple and stress-free as they took care of every aspect of the move, from packing to transport. I would definitely recommend them for any move. They will save you time and money!

Removal Company was absolutely wonderful when they undertook my office move. They did the job they advertised and they consulted me throughout the process to ensure that all was to my liking. They were able to answer all my questions regarding the move, services and prices. Having such a reliable moving team made the process easy and stress-free. I will definitely use Removal Company in the future and I recommend them to anybody considering a home or office move.

I was really impressed with how Man with a Van handled our move. They did everything as we asked and their service was so accommodating. I would definitely recommend this company as they were efficient and organized and were able to tell us how best to execute our move. They were rally friendly and reliable, which made me feel comfortable moving my things with them. The company staff worked long hours to ensure that the job was done and I was really impressed with their service. Definitely worth calling back!

My experience with removal firms has never been that good, as they often are more interested in money than helping me. This was not the case when it came to Man with a Van though as they were dedicated to making my experience more pleasurable. To the initial call when they offered advice and information and gave me a free quote that reflected what I wanted, to the tasks carried out by their team to pack and carry my goods. They devoted themselves to assisting with my move and convinced me they are the best of the best.

I travel a lot, so I find myself needing to move from one abode to another frequently. It was getting to be so much trouble to do alone that I started to look into moving companies. I phoned Removals and they made things easier than could imagine. They made sure I knew all the important details, helped packed my things, carried my furniture and drove it to my new address. No other relocation I've been involved with has gone that fast or smoothly, so the next time I move, I'll be sure to call them.

My store was no longer helping my business because I was in a bad location. I needed to be somewhere closer to my customers. To make the move a guaranteed success I called ManandVan for help. Witt hem taking care foe everything I didn't have to worry about my products being damaged or lost during the process. They also helped the procedure go quickly, so I was starting business gain in my new address in no time. My store can now thrive, thanks to the help they gave me.

When I have moved home before, problems have always occurred. I've lost or broken things, not been able to carry furniture, been unable to drive my things to their destination, been without storage and more. Not wanting a repeat of previous experiences, I hired Man with a Van. Their skilled team took care of each task and used skill and experience to do it properly and safely. They ensured the safety of my belongings and did the job swiftly. They provided everything I needed and I received the smoothest move possible and you can too if you call them.

Running my own business means I can tell which company is professional and which isn't. I contacted Man with a Van to help with my removal because I recognised the positive qualities any firm should have. Their staff were hardworking, knowledgeable, skilled and experienced and they put the consumer first. I received a great deal on the process and got the best experience because they dedicated themselves to helping me. They gave me everything I paid for and more, meaning I got a great move, thanks to a great business.

I was leaving my flat for a new one and because I didn't have much to move I didn't think I'd need a removal company. This soon changed when I realised how many flight of stairs I'd have to carry things up and down I'd have to navigate. I started to become apprehensive when packing too, because I didn't think I was going it right, which could because my things to brake. I called Man with Van for help and they were able to do everything. Stairs and doors meant nothing to them when handling furniture and they wrapped up my belongings securely.

I had been running my own business for several years but I found that my office had become too small, as I had been expanding the firm so I knew I needed a new building. I found one that was ideal but getting there would have been a problem. My staff and I were always busy so we didn't have time to pack and transport things ourselves, so I called Removals. They took care of every task properly and treated my goods carefully. I recommend them to any company about to move.

I had never moved home before so I didn't even know where to begin. Hoping to get some advice, I called Man with Van and they delivered. They made sure I knew how to handle everything and I had everything I needed. They soon started telling me about their services, which at first I didn't think I could afford, but once they gave me a free quote, I took them up on their offer. I had a team of men at my disposal and they quickly packed my stuff and drove it to my new address. If I ever move again, I know I can count on them to assist me.

I needed an answer to my moving problems and I found them in the form of Man with Van. They are an expert removal firm who assisted with every aspect of my removal. They ensured everything was done to the highest standard and gave me an enjoyable experience. They did everything from packing, to transport, storage, cleaning and much more. Their staff was friendly and accommodating, ensuring that I got what I needed in the best way. They were the answer to every aspect of the removal process and they could solve your moving dilemmas expertly too.

There are times in life when we need help and I found myself having such an experience when I decided to move home. I was finding the process of getting their difficult. Packing was taking long time, I didn't feel my things would be safe, I struggled lift most of my furniture and I knew my car wouldn't be enough to transport everything. I looked for help and I found Man with a Van and they did everything better than I could ever imagine. They did each of the tasks I struggled with easily and properly. If you feel you need hep for you move, I can highly recommend these people.

I'm not one to write reviews but couldn't hold back. Man with Van assisted me through every aspect of my move and I couldn't be more grateful to them. They gave me all the information I needed, answered my questions, and more. Things got relay interesting when their movers came to my home. They packed everything and put it on their vans, driving it to my new address. I never impinged my move going so well, with everything done on time and all my goods being intact so I want everyone to know about the great job they did for me.

I have always been keen to change things in my life and Removals offered this chance. I wanted to move home so that everything can begin again differently. I knew I wouldn't be able to do things alone and this firm was there for me at every step of the way. The provided the knowledge, resources and people to get the job done. Before I knew it, I was in a new home and had all my belongings with me. They took care of all my goods and treated them and me with great respect. I anyone else wants to make a change in their life I can't recommend them enough.

I was apprehensive when moving home because I have many valuable objects that I worried may have been damaged. So, I called Man with a Van for advice and they quickly gave me a run down of how to pack things and what to use. I was feeling more confident about things but I decided to take them up on their services. Their team arrived and packed everything in the best materials and wrapping and was able to safely carry and transport it. When I began to unpack at my new home every item was impact and clean, so I want to thank Man with a Van for the hard work they did.

Deciding to move when I have two young children was not one of my wisest decisions, but you just got to get on with it. I hired a full package service from Man with Van and would just like to thank everyone for making it one of the best experiences of my life. I could focus on the kids without having to worry about what the members of staff were doing. I didn't have to constantly check up on them to make sure that they were working etc. Seriously, thank you all so much for being so bloody fantastic!

If removal companies were fried eggs, Man with Van would be the yolk i.e. the best part. Man with Van honestly know how to handle a removal, which is why they are so well established and very well known. A company that is well known is a company that has worked hard to earn its reputation. There was nothing that the removal men did not know! They were like walking, talking removal encyclopedias, which showed me that these were very highly trained members of staff, which is what every good Removal Company should have.

Keep up the good work Removals! You have turned my biggest nightmare of moving homes into a wonderful, pleasant, exciting one. Your staff helped me all the way through and kept reassuring me every time something started bothering me. Any questions I had were answered immediately. I could tell that the staff was highly trained by the way that they were handling my belongings and the removal overall. I could not have asked for better people to come and help me with my removal than the staff of Removals. They truly are a credit to the company.

Great big thumbs up to all of you at Removal Company. My removal last week was a great big success and it was all thanks to you all. You made the removal run smoothly and made it seem trouble free and dead easy. I am glad that I chose Removal Company to deal with my removal, because you guys were truly professional, polite and just smashing! Keep doing what you do because you guys rock!

I have a van of my own, so only required packing and unpacking services. Many removal companies refused to deal with my removal unless I took up a transport service as well, which would mean that I would have to pay for something that I was capable of doing. When I spoke to a member of ManandVan, they told me that they understood my desires and would handle whatever aspect of the removal I wanted them to handle. This is what a real removal company does, and I am more than happy that I came across ManandVan.

If you were to ask me for the name of a removal company that I not only use on a regular basis, but also trust with all my heart, only one name comes to mind - Man with a Van. This company offers everything that you could ask for: packing and unpacking services, removal services, and even storage facilities. It's like an all in one for people who are planning a removal. I have never felt the need to read up on other companies because Man with a Van have totally earned my trust and stolen my heart!

I just want to thank everyone at Man with Van for making my removal one of the best experiences of my life, when I was anticipating one of the worst. You all made me feel at ease and calmed me down when I went into panic mode. You worked very efficiently and professionally. You handled all my items with care, which made me feel valued very much. I love you all!

When my parents moved abroad they left a considerable amount of precious bits and pieces that we just had no space for on the first removals trip. My brother had heard good reviews of ManandVan and suggested we used them. ManandVan were great they understood we needed a safe and secure place of storage for a while until Mum and Dad could arrange another shipment. ManandVan have provided an excellent place that we can have access to if we need. Brilliant facility.

My son was off to college in another part of the country and had a small load of personal items to b e moved. We wanted a small company but reliable as the items were expensive that he needed to ship. My Dad advised me to use the exceptional services of Man with Van. So I contacted them and their customer services arranged all the necessary details and on the day the team of staff was very competent in their work. The whole lot got there with no damage. Excellent!

A friend of mine suggested Removal Company when I had to move out of our family home after divorcing my husband. I had many precious family antiques that had been passed down to me, along with a lot of personal items collected over the years that needed to be packed and boxed carefully. Removal Company arrived on time on the date arranged and did an absolutely fantastic job of packaging my precious valuables in order to be moved to my new apartment. I would certainly pass on their good service to anyone that required them in the future.

When my girlfriend and I moved for the first time to our new home not long ago, we were really worried about it all. I suppose we were concerned that everything would be a disaster because this was our first time. However, it couldn't have been further from it. Thanks to Man with a Van, that helped us every step of the way, the move was smooth and easy. It was quite enjoyable actually. We really could not have picked a better removals company to use. To all the team at Man with a Van, thank you so much for your endless support!!!

The last time I moved it was a disaster - a complete and utter nightmare. Actually, it really put me off altogether and I was very close to stopping moving completely. I hate moving because I can't trust removal companies with my possessions. Thankfully, a good friend of mine recommended Man with a Van to me and so I decided to book a date with them. From the initial booking, I was very impressed with them. Overall, I would definitely use them again and I highly recommend them.

I can't recommend Removals enough. I was very happy with them from start to finish. What I like about them the most is that they treat customers well. They are not ignorant at all and they never palm you off with useless information or lies, like some companies I'm aware of. The staff that works here is excellent too. I got on well with both the customer service staff and the team of movers. They're very friendly and well mannered. All in all, I'm a very satisfied customer and I would most certainly use them again if I move again. Highly recommended.

When my boyfriend and I moved for the first time, we were nervous about the whole thing. Removal Company really soothed our anxieties and really supported us throughout the move. The lady I spoke to one the phone even lent me some useful moving and packing tips, which really came in handy. We honestly couldn't have asked for a better first time move. All went well and easily. We can't recommend this company enough.

Here's a message to Removal Company: Thank you so much you guys for all your hard work. I couldn't have done it without you. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside you and I hope to do it again soon. Please keep up the superb work and you'll keep a customer very happy indeed! Here's a message to potential customers: Book a date with this company - they are fantastic!!!

My family and I moved house about 6 months back and to best honest, I was dreading it. We used a company known as Man with a Van and I have to say, they were super. I have no complaints at all about their service or their staff. The staff was friendly, and the service was excellent. In the end, the move went smoothly and wasn't at all as hectic as I'd guessed it'd be. And that is down to Man with a Van.

My Mum had used Man with a Van after her divorce and was pleased with them, so I knew straight away who to call when we needed a removal team. As a family of five we had a lot of things to move and I was very stressed about this new move. However, Man with a Van turned up prompt and began the huge job of shifting our life's belongings. The team work was exceptional amongst the staff, and they did the job in no time. They did a great job. Thanks Man with a Van.

I've only ever moved once and so I'm not familiar with removal companies. My friend recommended Man with a Van one day and so I called them up to ask for a quote. The lady I spoke to on the phone was friendly and well mannered. She was very helpful and answered all my questions, which was useful. She even provided me with free packing tips, which were extremely valuable. This was a great first impression and I suppose that is the reason I booked a date with them. Well, they never failed to impress me. All was done well and efficiently. I was over the moon with their service. Well recommended.

After many bad experiences with removals companies, it put me off moving altogether. But when one of my mates told me about ManandVan, I decided to give them a call to ask about their services and so on. I was hesitant at first, thinking they'd be just be like the rest. They weren't though. The lady from customer service was professional and helpful. She discussed my options and gave me useful advice. I booked a date. When it came to moving day, I was dreading it. Luckily, everything went fine. The guys worked hard and were careful with my belongings. None of my things got scratched or damaged in any way. It was a relief.

Man with a Van offered me a service at such good value, I couldn't refuse. They were just as good as they sounded. The team of movers arrived at my flat right on time and I was very impressed with their work ethic. They worked really hard and didn't even bother stopping for a break. They just continued loading and unloading until they had finished. I was very happy the service they provided. Thanks a lot!

When my wife and I travelled across the globe for our honeymoon, we needed somewhere to store our valuables whilst we were away. We emailed dozens of companies but we weren't satisfied with any of them so I asked my mates. One of them highly recommended Man with Van and so I rang them up. Well, I was certainly impressed from that initial call. Customer service was professional and very helpful. The lady I spoke to discussed all my options and it was great. We even got to view the storage unit beforehand. We were both very impressed and they did a great job!

As a full-time university student, I need a removals company that is affordable and reliable. I'm always on a budget and finding a company that meets my standards for the price I'm willing to pay is difficult. My friend said she uses Removals so I thought I'd give them a try. Their prices were more than reasonable and well within my budget. It made me apprehensive about their service. But, luckily, their service was excellent and I was more than happy with it. All my items were kept in good condition and handled with the best possible care. All I have to say is: hire this company - they are great!

We have a few quotes from other removal companies but only ManandVan matched our budget. On the day of the move, the team of movers arrived at our house on time, got to work straight away and never once requested a break. Everything went smoothly. They handled our boxes with care and made sure everything was taken to our front door. All I can say is that if you are seeking a good, affordable removals company, you should choose ManandVan because they are fantastic through and through. To everyone involved in our move, thank you very much.

It isn't easy being a student. I'm always moving around and I'm always on a budget - and a tight one at that. I explained my situation to Removals, a removals company recommended to me by a friend and I couldn't get over how understanding they were. They went through the available options with me and designed a tailor made moving package for me to suit my every need. I couldn't believe it. They were just fantastic. The prices they charge are really affordable, even for a person with a budget as tight as mine. I highly recommend them.

Excellent, high quality relocation packages, all of which are available on a shoe string price. There were no hidden costs along the way and the price was considerably low in comparison to the services that I was provided with!

Brilliant company! All of the staff that I dealt with were extremely friendly and reliable. Whenever I had a question they were there to talk to me and help me and this was all before I booked their removal services. Moving can get a bit stressful and tempers can fly, but this company remained calm and professional at all times, which really helped me too. This company really does make relocating look simple.

You are probably in a similar situation that I was in a few months ago, where you are wondering which company to choose for your upcoming move. It doesn't matter where you relocate to or even how many items you have to move with you, relocating can be a difficult task and so it is important to have a good, solid team behind you. I believe that Man with Van is that company that can help you because they were amazing when I employed them recently.

Fast and efficient removal services which are all carried out by a highly professional and honest team of staff!

Until I hired Removal Company I didn't believe that there was a stress and hassle free way to relocate, as I just thought that even the word ‘moving' made most people feel worried. A friend of mine recommended this company and that is the only reason why I called them. Moving with this company was so easy that I didn't really feel that I was going through a relocation, even the actual day of the move went by without any trouble. This company is the answer to all of your moving troubles. I recommend this company as the best one to choose for any kind of removal!

Well done and thank you to all of the office staff, removals men and the other members of staff at Man with Van for helping me to make the right decision and for being able to give me a great relocation. Your removal services are of the highest quality and were carried out by the best experts in the trade. I would not dream of recommending or hiring another removals company! To anybody who is reading this and wants to find a removals company now or further down the line, I would recommend this company instantly!

Cheers guys! You were great when you relocated my personal items to my new university accommodation. Moving to a new area and in to a new unfamiliar apartment was very scary and it was the first time that I had moved out of my family home however, you made the process so much easier on me. Their prices are very affordable - even for a student and a student's budget! The relocation didn't affect me in anyway and worked out to be very convenient indeed! Top company!

Because of a leg injury, lifting boxes is a complete nightmare as you might imagine. It's even stopped me from moving house because I've not managed to find a removals company that have been considerate about my situation. A friend recommended Man with Van, and while I wasn't sure at first, my skepticism was soon reversed when I received complete consideration from the ladies at customer service. But it wasn't just words. The lads that moved my stuff did all the lifting and didn't ask me to do a thing. Man with Van really is a fantastic company worth hiring.

Man with Van has been brilliant to me throughout my move. Customer service, unlike any other I've dealt with before was excellent. They answered all my questions and gave me lots of tips on packing too. The removal guys were also really helpful and polite too. Not once did they have a break and stop for a drink. They were marvelous workers, I have to say that. Overall, a brilliant company that is definitely hirable. I have recommended them already to my friends and one of my friends has already booked a date with Man with Van.

I recently moved with Man with a Van and they were right on time, hard-working and reliable. I had a lot of fragile stuff so I was really worried that they'd get broken but luckily, everything was in good condition when I unpacked. I was honored by the fact that they took my worries into consideration and took extra care in handling my fragile things. Big, commercial companies never do that sort of things. It's all about the cash with them. Man with a Van is completely the opposite. They appear to care about the thoughts of their customers. True professionalism in my opinion.

I was completely impressed by Removal Company and the service in which they offered. The removal men, on the day of moving, were careful with my belongings but, at the same time, worked hard and efficiently. I honestly could not believe how quickly they had gotten it all done. I suppose it helped that they didn't request a break, which usually slows things down a bit. It was good value for money and I was so impressed by how reliable they were. The move went smoothly and I would certainly use them again if I choose to move again.

Low priced relocation packages that have been made to suit any type of office or house move. I am sure that most people who have used this company would agree with what I have said and I am sure that they will be just as good with you and with their other clients who employee them to have them relocate their possessions. I hired the team to relocate my office supplies and they exceeded my expectations. Business resumed and continued as usual and my budget didn and rsquo;t receive too much of a blow either.

ManandVan and nbsp;are the only removals team that really appeal to the people who hire them. They have obviously taken note of what their clients want and need from them and they have designed their services based on their research. It is clear to me that they have researched their market and I think the hard work has definitely been worth it for them because it certainly shows through their work. This is the fastest team I have ever seen and their quality doesn and rsquo;t slip as a result of their speed. Excellent team!

I move on a regular basis with work and will remember the phone number of and nbsp;Removals in the future. Not only are they extremely professional but they are considerate, polite and punctual too. In the past I have moved with firms that have not been anywhere near satisfactory and so I am delighted that I have found a company at last that meets my requirements.

Superb team work and a truly helpful and loyal group of workers. My commercial move that had been organised by my boss at work went really well. I was skeptical about relocating to a new office branch but the move was well worth it and put my mind at ease. I am now living and working in a new area. The quality services from and nbsp;Man with Van made a big difference to how I felt and how well I settled in to my new area and working environment. I have kept the company and rsquo;s details for myself because if I need to hire a removals team again in the future I will be sure to choose this company.

I couldn and rsquo;t think of a better company to recommend for a relocation. I am really amazed at the price I paid to have the items from my office relocated to a new location and I even got to choose a date to move which was suitable for me and my usually time plan. Not many removal teams give you the choice to move whenever you want, as they usually like to work it in around when is most convenient for you but this team is different. and nbsp;Man with Van is the team to choose because they offer low priced deals, no added costs and they are overall very professional, prompt and friendly.

I relocated at a rather bad time of the year because it was around the Christmas and New Year period and I never imagined in a million years that a removals company would be able to undertake my relocation over the holidays. and nbsp;Removals however were happy to help me out and the move didn and rsquo;t cause any upset in the household because it was all over before we knew it. Moving with and nbsp;Removals meant that we could relocate successfully and still have a proper home for Christmas and New Year! Brilliant job!

I just wanted to let you know that I finally found the perfect moving company - Man with Van. This was my first time using their services, because I had to move within South London and they did an amazing job for me. Their prices are very competitive and there were no additional charges.

I'd had very bad experiences with different moving companies in the past and I think I finally found my perfect moving company - Man with Van. The communication was excellent, their customer support is always there trying to help or explain anything I asked about.

Amazing services. The crew was very professional and competent. They were also very careful with all of our furniture and were very efficient. I would definitely recommend them to all of my friends and family. Thank you very much!

I had an office relocation last week and it was the best move I've ever had. The movers were on time, polite and very professional. It was really easy to work with them during the whole day. I would recommend them to all of my friends.

Moving experiences are often very stressful and hard on your budget, but my last experience with ManandVan was just great. They offered me a very competitive price and did all the packing, loading and unloading. They even put all the boxes in the places where I wanted them around the house. I love this company!

Man with a Van are the best home mover we have ever hired. The two men were very skilled, hard working and courteous. They took great care of my stuff. I really appreciate their assistance. The price they gave me was also affordable.

I thought moving from my old house to my new one would be stressful, but thanks to the great team from ManandVan the whole day was like an adventure. They were very well-organised and got the job done in no time. It's a fantastic company!

Thank you very much ManandVan for the great work you did last week. My husband and I are very happy. Our items are here with us in our new home in perfect shape. We will definitely hire your team again next time we need professional movers.

I have only good things to say about Removals. The were completely honest with us from start to finish. They did what they explained in the first place and there were no hidden charges. Thank you for everything and best of luck!

I used the services of Man with Van last week and I am more than happy to share my positive experience with them. Everything was done fast, without any problems. I think they were very careful and efficient and would be glad to use them again.

I am from Leeds, but I got a new job in Birmingham so I needed to move some of my possessions and furniture to the new flat that I rented there. At first I thought of asking my friends to help me move, but they convinced me that it would be better to use a professional moving service. My manager suggested Man with Van so I rang them. Claudia answered the phone and was very kind and helpful. On the day of my move everything went smooth and without any hassle. I would definitely recommend Man with Van to all my friends and family.

I hired Removals when I moved from a 2-bedroom flat to a 2-bedroom condo on the recommendation of my brother-in -aw, who has experience dealing with movers. The moving team came on time and got the job done in almost 5 hours, which was fast. I am glad I chose Removals.

I used Man with Van twice in the past year. They were super fast both times and delivered everything in good shape. They were also careful not to scratch my floors and walls. I can sure say that they are experts at what they do!

This was honestly one of the best moving experiences I have ever had. At first I was a bit skeptical, but when the moving men came, introduced themselves and started to work I knew my possessions would be in good hands. The whole process went smoothly. I would recommend Removals to all of my friends and family!

I had a very good experience with Removal Company. I have moved a number of times before, but this was the best company I have ever worked with. They sent me two gentlemen to help me with my furniture and they took great care of it. I would definitely hire them again!

Removals did a very nice job helping me move from my old flat to my new 2-bedroom house in Bromley. The crew was skilled and very careful. They took great care of my belongings and there were no items missing. Thank you very much!

I want to take time to thank the team from Man with Van. They arrived right on time and packed everything for me. The delivery was also within the estimate and my items were in perfect shape. Great company!

I think Man with Van are experts at what they do. This was my second move with their team and everything went smoothly, just as it had done the first time. They were well organised and did everything within the time frame. Excellent work!

Recently we needed to move from our old house to a new one. ManandVan took care of this very easily. They arrived on time, picked up our belongings and delivered them without any damage. Good services - I would recommend them to anyone.

I used ManandVan to move me out from my flat in London to a new place in Germany. They packed everything with care and treated my belongings like they were their own. The delivery was made within the estimated time and all of my items are here. If I need to go back to London I will definitely use their services again.

I couldn't recommend ManandVan highly enough. The team of three movers arrived on time and worked as fast as they could. They were also kind and very professional. They provided me with a very reasonable quote - no hidden charges. Thank you very much!

Absolutely fantastic service. I booked our moving estimate with such a short notice, but Man with a Van managed to fit us into their timetable. The moving men were friendly and efficient. The thing that most impressed me was that they were also respectful of my home. If I need removal services in the future I will definitely call them again.

We used Man with a Van services last week to help us move an old piano. We were all pretty impressed with how hard the movers worked to get the job done properly. They were very kind and careful. We will hire them again if needed.

I hired Man with a Van for my house moving from Leeds to London a few weeks ago. The team they sent me were very strong and efficient. They took extreme care over the wrapping of my priceless items and all of my belongings were also loaded carefully to prevent any damage. Great movers!

I am so pleased with the amazing removal services of Removal Company. Their customer support is extremely helpful and they explained everything to me about the whole moving process ahead of time. I would highly recommend them!

I strongly recommend ManandVan to any of you who are looking for a reliable moving company. My sister and I moved from Brixton to Mitcham and thanks to ManandVan the day was pretty easy for us. The communication with them was good as well. We really appreciate the help.

I had a very good experience with Removals and would recommend them to others, and use them again if needed. Their movers were right on time and delivered everything in good shape. Thank you very much!

This was my second time moving with Man with Van and I am satisfied with their services as before. They were the only company that provided me with affordable moving services and the best prices on moving boxes in London. Thank you very much for the hassle-free move and I wish you and your employees success!

I recently used the good services of the Removals team for a storage removal. Everything went fine without any problems. The movers were right on time and got the job done very quickly. A representative from their office called me after the removal to ask me if I was happy with their services. Great company!

What a great moving experience! I chose to work with ManandVan based on their positive feedback online. At first I was a bit scared to trust somebody based on Internet reviews, but they made me feel a lot better the first time I contacted them. Wendy, the office rep, explained everything to me. On the day of my move the movers did as I had been told they would. I am so happy I found a moving company I can trust. I will definitely use them again!

The movers from Man with Van were friendly, polite and extremely careful and helpful. The communication with their office was also great. The value for the money was exceptional. I would definitely use them again.

Moving was very stressful for me, but Man with a Van helped me like it. They were the best moving experts I have ever hired. They were very careful with my items and delivered them without a scratch. I appreciate the help!

Man with Van are the most professional company I have ever worked with. Their customer support were approachable and very kind. They gave me very helpful tips as well. I would use them again without a doubt.

I had to move from my old flat in Wood Green, London to a new one in New Addington. I hired professionals because it wasn't a very easy job. I was literally watching the moving team moving all of my stuff from my 4th floor walk-up because there was no elevator. They worked fast and carefully. I want to thank them once again and wish them the best of luck!

Thank you so much Man with Van. I opened a new office in Germany, so I had to move many boxes from our main office in London. The moving crew of Man with Van were right on time and did an excellent job for me. The job was really well done. Once again, thank you guys.

I couldn't be happier with my long distance removal thanks to the team from Man with a Van. They all worked together and really hard to make me and my family happy, they followed all of my instructions very strictly as well. I recommend them to all of my friends.

I had a very professionally handled move by the efficient team from Man with a Van. They were at my home on time and were very respectful to my home and belongings. They were also careful with my walls, not to scratch them. I am completely satisfied. Thank you Man with a Van.

I couldn't be happier with the services provided by Removal Company. When I contacted Alan from their office he was kind and he even shared some very helpful advice with me about packing. From start to finish all the men were pleasant and efficient.

I highly recommend the good services of ManandVan. They are really a great moving company. They were on time, their customer services was also perfect, and the moving men were very knowledgeable and polite.

The movers from Removal Company were very strong, kind and flexible. They delivered my items in perfect condition without any scratches. Thank you very much!

I have recently used ManandVan and I wanted everyone to know that I was very happy with their services and with the whole process. Maria from the office was also polite and efficient. I would like to thank the ManandVan team once again for everything.

I found Man with Van to be very professional and efficient. They did an excellent job for me and my family. Everything was delivered in perfect condition. Thank you!

We used Removals a couple of weeks ago and I have to admit that they provided us with fantastic service. They were on time for the move and did everything terrifically. Thanks for the fantastic service.

I am impressed with the work the three men from Removals did. I had a storage removal last week and they were a great help for me. They were really skilled and very well organized. I just want to thank them once again and I will definitely use them again.

The men from ManandVan were very nice and professional. It was a pleasure for me to work with such kind people. This was one of the best services I have ever received. Thank you very much and I wish your company the best of luck.

I cannot recommend this company enough. Everyone I dealt with there was amazing. The movers were great professionals. I would be glad to use the services of Removal Company again.

My mother and I just used Man with a Van. Their services were afordable and it was a great pleasure to work with them. They organized everything for us. It was really easy to follow their instructions. The whole move went super smooth and without any accidents. Thank you very much

Man with Van have an incredible team of movers. My husband and I had to move to a new office, three moving men showed up and got the job done in 4 hours. The movers were really careful and nothing was damaged or missing. Great company. Thank you very much!

Excellent service, very helpful and hardworking. Everything we owned was transported safely. A brilliant team of movers, worth every penny. I couldn't be more satisfied! Thank you Man with Van.

Removal Company provided us with terrific service from the beginning to the end. The Moving men were polite, the representative from their office- Alan, answered all my questions throughout the whole day and gave us really helpful tips. I would definitely recommend Removal Company to anyone and would use them again. Best regards.

I just can't stop recommending your company to every one of my friends who need removal services. I needed to move so many boxes of clothes from my house to storage. Removal Company were the ones who offered me a good price and insurance for my belongings. Your team was on time and did the job done in no time. I am recommending Removal Company as a 5 Star Services Provider. Thank you very much!

Man with Van' moving men are trustworthy and the right people to have around while dealing with one of the most stressful times in life. They arrived on time and started working right away. They provided us with boxes and wrapped everything for us. It was a pleasure to work with these professionals. Thank you Man with Van!

I used Removal Company for an office removal and I was very impressed with their efficiency and professionalism. All of them took good care of my belongings. I would and will recommend them without a question. Thank you Removal Company!

I am writing because this is my first time moving with a professional moving company and I wanted to share my experience. I chose Removals and I am so happy with their services. The price was very competitive and the moving team they sent me were very careful with all of my items. They even double wrapped some of the stuff just to be sure everything was safe. This really made me feel calm and special as a customer. They called me after the move to ask me if anything was damaged. Removals is a “5 star service provider”. As I said, this was my first time using them and I do not think I am going to use another company. Thanks again for the great job!

We had moved many times and I have had negative experience in the past so it was a big relief when our move with ManandVan went so well. The sales representative and the team they sent were very respectful and polite. This was one of the most important things I was looking to me. I am not only recommending this company to every one of my friends, but I am definitely going to use their services again.

It was just a couple of days ago when I used them. The movers came on time and began their work. They packed, loaded and then stored all my belongings at my new place and they were just perfect at everything. Thank you Removals for making this day a great experience for me.

Outstanding customer service! I moved with Removals a few weeks ago and I am very thankful for the help. Everything was well scheduled and planned through the representative agent on the phone. The moving crew handled my items with care. Thank you!

From the beginning it was a pleasure to work with ManandVan. The first call was informative and professional. Then they arrived right on time and finished the job 30 minutes earlier than expected. The one thing that I have noticed was that they were very careful with my stuff. I really liked that. I want to thank you for all the great help.

I am pleased I have the chance to leave this review for Man with Van. I had three movers for my office relocation and they were very friendly. They even gave a quick look at all of my items and suggested which ones had to be double wrapped. Everything arrived in perfect condition and I would definitely use their services again. Thank you very much, guys from Man with Van.

My husband and I moved from Clondalkin to Belfast. We chose Removals based on their positive feedback online. Their first impression was also good, because they were very professional on the phone and were available on Sunday. Their crew was even 15 minutes early the day of the move and they did a fantastic job. I would recommend your company to others for sure.

The service was very good. They worked really fast. The move went very well. The movers from ManandVan were professional and completed the job as promised. This was a completely stress-free move. Many thanks to your company!

I was hoping I wasn't going to have to face any problems when it was time to move from Southampton to Swindon. I chose the moving services of ManandVan. The move went very well, the guys were pretty much prepared for everything. I've got no complaints. My things arrived without any scratches, and I was happy with their services and attitude.

Because of my job I had to relocate my office in Coventry. My manager chose Removals for me. I was a bit worried about him choosing the company, but once I called the office I knew I was working with professionals. I went over the inventory details with the assistant on the phone - Wendy - and she gave a very reasonable price. The day of the move went by without any problems and there were no additional charges. I am glad I used them. Thank you Removals.

Removals saved me! The young women who I spoke with on the phone - Claudia - was really helpful with all the instructions that were given to me. I researched so many other moving companies before and she gave me the best offer of all of them. Great value for money. Thank you again for everything!

After being stood up by the last company, I found Man with Van based on a co-worker's recommendation. I wasn't sure what to expect from them either. Fortunately they responded to my email immediately. They booked me for the next day's schedule and they really showed up on time. The movers were very polite and did the work very fast. I do not know how to send my regards to the crew, but to write down these warm words for them. Thank you very much!

As a first time mover within the city I wanted a moving company that would not only handle my belongings carefully but be efficient and fast. The crew of three sent to me by Man with Van did just as I had hoped. I strongly recommend them.

For my last house removal I used the professional crew of ManandVan and they were really great. The guys were so polite and put all of our belongings where we wanted them. It seems they knew what they were doing because they were very careful with all of our items. Thank you.

I hired Removal Company but I didn't know the first thing about removals. I decided not to use their packing service. Their customer service explained everything to me and gave me guidance as to how to pack and prevent my stuff from breaking during transport. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to any of my friends.

Removals' reputation is deserved. I used them two months ago when I had to move. They helped me to avoid the pressure and stress caused by the whole process. I hired them to pack my stuff, transport it and unpack it afterwards. I thought they would charge me a huge sum for these services, but it turned out that it was pretty cheap.

I want to express my gratitude to ManandVan. They came right at the agreed time and moved my stuff in less than a day. This company is the best!

I did a lot of research on finding a mover. The arrangements were made and the movers showed up as scheduled. The men wrapped all our furniture in blankets and covered our sofas and mattresses with plastic furniture wrapping. We are recommending Man with a Van to all of our friends who need such services.

Greetings from Germany! I got three movers from Removals to help me with my removal from London to Germany. They did a fantastic job for me, because I had a lot of fragile stuff, but it all came in perfect condition. I really appreciate their services. Thanks for everything.

Another thumbs up for Removals. They did everything so well. They even took my front door off to fit the sofa in. Everything was done quickly and without a scratch. Thank you guys for the excellent job you did.

ManandVan you are great! I panicked just imagining that something might happen to my jewelry, which have huge sentimental value for me. I have even heard stories that it is not safe to use such companies because some of my possessions might disappear. I trusted you and I do not regret it. Your reputation is deserved. Many thanks!

The first thing I was worried about when I realized that we had to move was the fragile stuff in my house. Of course I packed everything gently and prayed that nothing would be damaged, but when the people from Removals came, they assured me that there was nothing to worry about and they took care of all my furniture. I was really astonished about their professionalism and I want to share this with other people who will have to move at some point in the future.

Three months ago I used the services of Removal Company. They wrapped all of my furniture. Maria even called during the move to make sure everything was going well. I strongly recommend them and would call them again if I move, incredibly well run business.

It was so nice to finally find a moving company whose business is operated with true values. This moving company Man with Van was great. They handled all of the packing really fast without any damages. Thank you.

If anyone needs a removal service, I strongly recommend Man with a Van. Recently we had to move from one house to another, because of a fire accident. I am in my 7th month of pregnancy and my husband works most of the time, so I asked Man with a Van if they could help me with our stuff. I explained my situation over the phone to Wendy, and that I did not know where to start. She was so helpful; she asked me if I wanted them to arrange everything for me for a very reasonable price. She sent me a crew of 3 guys, who were really patient with me and did all of the packing. Most important, they were really careful with our stuff. Thank you guys for all of the help.

Man with Van facilitated our move across London and they were great. The guys were so patient and careful. I would recommend them to anyone needing a removal service. We had many small valuable and breakable items, all of which arrived in perfect condition.

I have used Man with Van twice now for moving house across Leeds. They do an excellent job (haven't tried the packing service though), and are a very good value. They quoted about half the price of most of the companies I have asked before.

Spending a few amount of money for hiring a team of professional removalists from Man Van and also using the additional service for clearing with 10 % discount is a great choice. I had to call and hire them to help me clean the apartment I had lived for some years and pack all my things that must be transported to my newly built house. Do you know what happened? They did their job surprisingly well! I was happy and thankful. Thanks again!

Moving from one place to another is so frustrating. Many will surely agree with me. Who would not like to pack various shapes of items and bulky furniture? Luckily, we got to experience and witness how amazing and reliable the team of workers of Man Van was! Rather than earning stresses, we were “tireless”! Trust me, these guys can really work fast and better than you know yourself.

When I helped my friend packed and moved his things, I noticed how hard the whole process was. This brought me to call the services of Man with a Van when I moved to another place because of my job. The help and assistance from the team of removalists gave me less stress and fewer worries. Would you still look further if you have the right team of movers and fulfilling services?

The services offered by Man Van are exceptionally remarkable. I am saying this now because we just tried the removal services of the company. We only had to pack our things and everything was entrusted to them from loading to unloading and carrying to driving. The rental moving truck accommodated all of our huge and numerous stuffs. We had no worries at all; we're satisfied indeed!

It's our first time to move into the new house my family and I just bought. We were all very excited for the day to move. With three grade school children, my husband and I had some worries packing numerous stuffs and furniture. My mother-in-law told us to get help from Man with Van. From packing to unpacking, all the minutes we spent were manageable. Thanks to Man with Van once again!

My Aunt needed some moving done, so she called me. I was worried that I couldn't do it on my own so I called Removals. At first she was worried because she didn't have the budget for it. I told her it wasn't necessary because Removals had very affordable rates. She couldn't believe it. Now she can't stop talking about you guys!

Running a chain of novelty gag stores isn't a laughing matter. Moving these things from shop to shop requires a lot of care. A buddy of mine told me about ManandVan. At first I wasn't sure. I didn't have a big budget. But I learned that ManandVan was easy on the wallet. Now I let ManandVan handle all my moving needs!

Man and a Van has been a great help with my company. Dealing with glass panes and chandelier attachments makes it hard to move stuff around. I need people I can rely on. People who know how to move fragile things around without causing any damage. I've relied on Man and a Van for my moving needs for years! Thanks for all the help Man and a Van!

After college, I had to move into the city to look for a job. It's hard enough for someone like me to find a place without having to deal with all the stress of having to lug around all my stuff. A friend from college told me about ManandVan. They came around and helped me with moving into the city. Thank you ManandVan!

I don't think there's any job too hard for them. I've been relying on Man with Van for my moving needs. A few years back, I had to move my deli shop upstate. All I had to do was call Man with Van and tell them where I was, and where I needed to go. I'm a big guy, but I didn't even need to lift a muscle.

Our new office was about a mile away from our old one. Since it was peak season, we cannot afford to have our working schedule altered. One of my employees suggested hiring the Removals. When the guys came, I was very happy and satisfied for they took good care of all the tasks that I told them to do. The move was a swift and smooth process and everybody was in high spirits. Without them, that move could've been stressful and draining

My boyfriend and I planned to move to Leeds, West Yorkshire as soon as we get married. After our honeymoon, we rounded up some of our friends and called the ManandVan to start moving. We had ourselves a little reunion for the movers took care of just about everything. I also commend their transportation service that was fast and very safe. With the ManandVan, moving is not a difficult process at all.

The news of my move to our company's branch in the South West region of England- Devon, particulraly, came fast. I am single and a fresh grad so the company thought I could make a good employee for a new branch. I was given one month to prepare for the move and I am very happy to know the Removals. They were the ones who pack, labeled, transported, and unpacked my goods and I did not lay a finger on the moving process. They worked very efficient and I am very pleased.

My roommates and I found a good house near the university and we decided to move into it. Some of our friends agreed to help but we still decided to hire the Man Van . We were very happy for they turned our move into something like a party! They took care of everything and we almost did nothing but to stand and watch them. With Man Van , moving to another place is really easy and fun.

After college, I have to move back for I found a job in my hometown. No one in the family can lend a hand so I decided to hire the Man Van . I am very glad I found them. The supposedly busy final week in my university turned into a time when I can savor my last moments in it. The Man Van did all the job and all I have to do was to supervise them

My roommates and I found a good house near the university and we decided to move into it. Some of our friends agreed to help but we still decided to hire the Movers . We were very happy for they turned our move into something like a party! They took care of everything and we almost did nothing but to stand and watch them. With Movers , moving to another place is really easy and fun.S

Imagine how awful I felt when I've been notified that I had to leave the apartment; the circumstance that bothered me the most, however, was my broken leg. I clearly needed professional removal assistance. I want to express my enormous gratitude to ManandVan for the polite way they treated me and for the urgent respond they gave me.

Only Man with Van was able to provide me a smooth and easy move so far. They helped me pack most of my furniture. And they were certainly very efficient in transporting my things. They came and worked without much delay. While I observed them working I could really tell they were experienced. They knew what to do and they were very good at it. I got my things on time. Things could not have been easier for me.

My family and I were moving for the first time. While I did not mind packing, transporting everything was a bit too difficult for us to handle. It's a good thing we hired ManandVan . They were very professional and came to pick up our stuff on time. Soon enough, they were on their way and we got our things safely too. ManandVan really helped us move without much problem.

I was moving to an apartment temporarily because my new house was not yet done. Removal Company suggested that I use their storage facilities for a while. And it really worked well for me. I only have to unpack the most essential items. After 2 months I was ready to move into my new home. I had fewer things to pack and move. But I still hired them because I know I can rely on them for a hassle-free move.

I really had no idea who to get. But through the recommendation of a coworker I hired Man with Van . I don't know how many times I've thanked her for recommending Man with Van . It really made my move easy and convenient. Because of Man with Van I no longer had to ask the help from my friends. My stuff was loaded, transported and unloaded fast and easy. The fees I paid were really more than worth it.

Apart from being busy fulfilling some orders, my husband and I have 4 children so I really did not have time to pack our stuff. That's why I hired Removal Company . They packed our things with no supervision needed. And they transported our things as well. So with their help we were able to move on time and we were also able to make our clients happy. We're so glad we chose the right company to help us.

I wanted to do the move by myself. But some friends advised me against it and recommended Man with a Van . And I'm glad I listened to them. Not only was I able to do the move faster and more conveniently, I was even able to save as well. My family and I were able to adjust to the move faster because it was less stressful on everyone.

I have moved many times and have never experienced the high level of customer service and professional quality of a company like yours. I would like in particular to mention the great pleasure I have had working with Ian and Ioana who excelled in top service. ... Would you kindly make sure that the owner of Man and a Vanreads this e.mail. He has created an extremely good company and team!!

We would like to thank you so much for the first class service you provided in our recent move. Your operative's in France worked hard delivering our furniture in a friendly, but professional manner as part of your international removal servicein Europe. We cannot thank you enough for all the help with such a difficult move, it was made so much easier with HandyMoves. We will be recommending you to friends and acquaintances. Kindest regards.

Hassle-free is the best way that I would describe the experience that I had in hiring Man Van. There's this one time that I had to move from one apartment to another, and from the time that they gave me price quotations to the time that they were moving my things - they all acted professionally, in an organized way and efficiently. I couldn't have asked for a better removals company!

Along with my business partners, our engineering firm had to transfer offices. It's a good thing that Man with Van was around to take care of the moving job for us. Right now, we're all happy, settled and working at the new office simply because the people at your company were so efficient and the move was done in half the time that we would have done it ourselves. Thank you.

I'm sending out a huge thank you to the people at Man with a Van! My husband and I had to move all the stuff from our big house to a smaller bungalow because all our kids moved out. The movers were able to transfer all our belongings to the new place in almost no time at all, and they were so courteous and friendly and worked like pros.

Thanks to Movers, I found myself moved out of my old apartment into my new home in no time at all! I did not have an idea about who you guys were but a neighbour recommended your services to me and I was really glad she did. You did a great job at moving my things to the new place, and I can't wait to get settled in!

I'm sending this e-mail to tell you how much I appreciate the fast and efficient moving services provided by Removals. A buddy of mine mentioned your company name and I was glad he did, because you made the move a less painful process for me. I can hardly wait to tell my other friends and family who are planning to move about your services!

Things were starting to get cramped for me in my home office so I had to move to a bigger space. With the help of the people from Removals, I was able to go through a home-to-office move with hardly any problems. The staff was nice and friendly, they knew how to handle fragile office equipment with care - I really can't find fault in their service.

Moving company, removals company, relocation firm - no matter which term you apply, what I know is that Man with a Van is one of the best. Their staff is friendly, strong and efficient. They know how to handle your personal belongings during a move without breaking them. I really cannot find the words to thank you for the great job that you did when I had to move.

You definitely turned moving from a horrible to a happy experience for me. There was this one time when a couple of movers made the mistake of carrying a box upside down so all the contents broke - and I didn't want to go through that again. But alas, I again had to move but thanks to Removals who had staff who knew exactly what they're doing, I am now looking forward to being promoted and having to move to a new place! You are simply excellent.

At first, I was so worried because we're a family with four kids and lots of stuff accumulated over the years - and we had to move! Thank goodness that with the help of ManandVan, we were able to get their packing and unpacking services - so while my family and I were busily cleaning the new house that we're moving into, your company was working at the same time. The process of moving was almost painless!

Usually, I don't let my partner make domestic decisions but I was so busy that I let him take over the task of moving all our stuff from the old apartment to a new place. You see, I had to switch jobs and he was kind enough to support me - and I was glad that he got in touch with Man Van. They were able to move all our personal belongings without any fuss, excellent service!

I have no complaints whatsoever with the removals services provided by Man with a Van. They were spot-on when it came to the time that they're supposed to estimate the weight of the things that I needed to have moved, their staff was friendly, the price was great. My favorite part is the fact that they were able to move my stuff without a breaking my china collection or putting a dent on my LCD TV! Big thanks to you!

There I was, up to my head in my to-do list and I still had no idea who to get in touch with for moving my things. Thanks to a friend who recommended Removals, I didn't have to worry because they took care of everything from packing to moving to unpacking. The time and effort that I saved was spent on other important things, so I really thank you guys for that!

For me, no amount of money is worth the peace of mind that you'll have once you know that the personal belongings that you accumulated over the years will be moved with care. That's exactly how I would describe the experience that I had with ManandVan. It was an overall hassle-free experience, I can't thank them enough!

If there's one thing that I can complain about, it's that I think they charged me for less than what they should have! My moving experience with Man with a Van was so good that I find myself moved out of my old house into my new home in no time at all. They were so efficient and great!

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