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Tufnell Park, N7Removal Services Will Get The Move Done Right!

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N7, N19 man and van Tufnell Park removals
If you’re one of the many people looking for the right removal company to hire for your next move, look no further. Man and Van offers the most affordable and effective removal services in the Tufnell Park area, and guarantees customer satisfaction with our incredible team of professional movers. They have been trained to move your things in the fastest way possible, while ensuring that absolutely nothing is damaged in the process. You will be able to sit back and relax while our team of movers load the most awkwardly sized furniture and the heaviest mattresses into one of our vehicles and transports them to your new abode in the quickest time imaginable. Give yourself a break this time around and call 020 8811 8922 today to ensure that you can benefit from our services on the day of your choice.

One Hundred Percent Guaranteed Best Moving Services In and Beyond Tufnell Park, N19


Tufnell Park man and van hire N7, N19 removals
Tufnell Park is an area that is located in north London, and sits on the border of the London Borough of Islington and the London Borough of Camden. The area was historically well known for its dairy farms that supplied London and districts of the south with milk. The area became the property of Colchester’s MP William Tufnell in 1753 and owned the manor which was once situated on the Golloway Odeon. His father was Samuel Tufnell f Langleys, and his great uncle Nathaniel Payler passed down to him estates in Northumberland and Nun Monkton in Yorkshire. William Rufnell married Mary Carleton who belonged to a wealthy family, and both were ultimately buried at St Mary’s Islington. One of their 18 children was Edward Wundam Tufnell, Brisbane’s first Bishop. The inheritance of the manor through the lineage of the Tufnell family continued on until the late 19th century. 1845 marked a time of important building in the area, and in 1865 local villas and the St George’s Church were developed. Anson Road and Carleton Road were older streets that were home to music hall artists and merchants. Roads and railway lines were built up in Tufnell Park during this time, and Junction Road railway station offered residents of the area direct transportation to Central London. While there was then a private girls school, it was closed after a disaster in 1878 when many of its students drowned. Throughout the 20th century, Tufnell Park was frequently referred to by the Guardian newspaper’s Biff cartoon in the 1980s and by the camp BBC home service comedians Julian and Sandy, primarily for its refined reputation. Tufnell Park was also the location for the filming of the Channel 4 comedy drama called Spaced.

Hesitate no more and call 020 8811 8922 to reserve our removal services for the day of your big move
. You will be completely relieved once you witness our staff do all of the backbreaking work involved with moving houses. No one knows how much they truly own until they have to move it, so don’t risk having to do all of the work on your own. You will thank yourself a million times over once the job is done and you are able to see all of your belongings placed safely in your new home, in the exact areas of your new home in which you want them. Book our services as soon as you can and enjoy the easy move!. Remember to book a parking spot near your home for one of our vehicles by visiting the parking administration website of Islington or Camden depending on where your new abode is located.

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