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Your Storage Options when Moving Home

Published on Friday, 31 January 2014

Your Storage Options when Moving HomeWhen we move house, it isn’t always as easy as moving from A to B on the same day. There may be overlap time where you are in limbo, as you move out of one house on a certain day and cannot move into your new abode until a few days or even weeks later. You may even be moving into the city for work, and so are downsizing due to increased house prices in urban areas. You may be moving out in order to go travelling, and so need somewhere to put all your items while you pursue your dream voyage of discovery. Whatever the situation, you will need space to store your items. You may be lucky enough to have friends or family with spare garage space or their own unit that you can utilise, but these situations are rare. In the majority of cases a storage unit is required, and finding the right one can be tricky. There are plenty of options available when it comes to storage and it is a very competitive business, so as the consumer try to remember you are in the strong position. Start by thinking where you actually want your unit. Does it need to be close to your new house, or are you happy for it to be located out of town in order to save on cost? The more inner-city you go in terms of location, the more likely the price is to rise as real-estate becomes more valuable. Having a rough idea of where you want to store your items will make narrowing down the options much easier. For instance if you were moving from Manchester to Bristol with a seven day bridge between leaving Manchester and moving into your new Bristol home, would it be cheaper and easier to store it closer to your old home or your new one? Think about the logistics of your move before you start gathering quotes. Also work out how much space you really need. Storage units come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so think about what you actually need. In order to save on pricing you will want to cram as much into your storage unit as possible if only storing for a short period, and you will be surprised exactly how much you can fit into a floor space of 50 square feet. If you are going to need regular access to your unit you may need a little more space to accommodate a couple of walkways through the unit to make access simpler. A lot of storage provider websites will allow you to estimate size requirements by providing an online tool to make visualising things much easier. If you are still in doubt, visit your nearest storage provider and take a look. Once you know what you want, you can begin looking. Fees will vary widely, so get plenty of quotes. If using online tools to gather prices be prepared for phone calls – as mentioned before this is an extremely competitive business and follow-ups are likely. With this in mind a lot of companies will offer discounted rates for an initial time period; the first eight weeks or so. Think about how long you need the unit for and if it is substantial don’t be afraid to haggle. Put yourself in their shoes; they would rather have a slightly smaller guaranteed income for a long period than a higher earning for only a matter of weeks, so use this fact to your advantage. Finally, check your removal company are happy with delivering to and picking up from your chosen unit.
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