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Why You Should Get A Removal Survey Done

Published on Friday, 28 November 2014

Why You Should Get A Removal Survey DoneWhen you go online to look for removal companies to assist you with your move, you will be mind boggled with the amount of information that is available on the internet regard all kinds of removals services. Most moving companies advertise the option of getting a free quote for your load using various means – either by having a chat with a customer service official or simply uploading a picture of the stuff you need to move and having them mail you a quote. The dangers of such methods of getting a quote is that the moving company might not be able to make a real estimate of the amount of stuff you have. There is a lot of space for miscommunication to take place when you are conveying information about the volume of your belongings either by words or pictures. Additionally, different customers might have different removals needs. Even when it comes to house removals, a student moving out of her rented flat will not have the same amount of possessions as a family living in a four bedroom apartment. Even when it comes to flats of the same size, it is not necessary that two families will have the same amount of stuff. Some people are hoarders while others love to live minimally. This is why when you ask for a quote online, what you get is an estimate, and even then not a very accurate one because it hasn’t been based upon the kind of services you will particularly need in house. For example, a student’s move will carry a lot less items of risk than if you are moving a family’s. Plastic and steel furniture are lot more easy to disassemble, pack and move than those made of wood, especially antiques. This means that you will need a different kind of packaging service which could possibly add more to your estimated cost. Some people use comparison websites to work on quotes for moving houses. But then again, they are making the same mistake that people make when they get a direct online quote from the company itself. How these comparison websites compare companies and services is that they ask the respective firms to tell them how they would execute a hypothetical move, of a two-bedroom flat for a three-membered family with certain specifications. All removal business enter their cases with quotes and services and the website’s team compares them to give the reader the information they display on the site. However, it cannot be stressed enough that removals service is a bespoke service and cannot be generalized. So what works in that scenario might not be entirely correct for you. Most of these companies are unregulated house movers and even though they will at first lure you with low prices, they might cite new expenditures as the day of the move approaches and most of the good companies will be booked by then. Mistakes like these are easy to make when you go for an online quote but if not addressed in time, will lead to a moving disaster. This is why you must always insist on getting a removal survey done prior to booking with a removal service. This way you will be guaranteed that you are getting a fixed price for a tailor made service with no nasty surprises at the end of the move. Also, as far as possible, try to hire someone who is accredited by either the Guild or the BAR. This will ensure you quality service for reasonable prices.
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