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When Is The Best Time To Move Home?

Published on Thursday, 03 April 2014

When Is The Best Time To Move Home? The answer to the above question seems pretty simple - you move house when you want to move house, or when you have found the new house, but being more specific, is there anything you can do about the day of the week that you move on, and more importantly, does it have much bearing on the result of the removal? In short, ‘Yes’ to both. If you are savvy, you can influence the ease of your removal by asserting your date for the move on the proceedings that you go through with the other party and your solicitors, and there are various reasons as to why you should move on some days, and not on others!For a start, there are factors that are more important than the day of the week or month in the year, like the availability of the perfect removals company, or the flexibility of your family and the new house’s previous owner etcetera. You will also find that there are certain situations that cannot be helped, especially in terms of moving the dates around, so do not despair too much if you can’t get the dates that you really want, as the difference that they make will not be as influential as many other factors. However, if you can have some say in the matter then it is worth it for sure, as there are various things that can be more easily avoided by choosing the ay correctly. The main thing to avoid is a Friday. On Friday, everyone is much busier, as they try to get things done before the natural barrier of the weekend. This basically means that things will be slower overall, as everyone from your estate agent to your solicitor will be busy with various things other than your own case. The fact of the matter is that any hold up could result in you wasting time and money on your move, and that needs to be avoided. For instance, if your estate agent has two other completions to get sorted on the day that you are moving, and one of them is held up for whatever reason, then the estate agent will be delayed in getting the keys to you for the new place. This delay could well mean that you are sat outside of the new house for an hour or so, with a team of removals staff who are keen to get on with the job. Basically, through no fault of your own,you will have to pay the team ‘waiting times charges’ to combat the wasted hour. The same goes for solicitors releasing money, and all sorts of other things.Not only do fridays mean that things are busy, they mean that any issues that are not resolved until the end of the day may have to be left unsolved until Monday! In the worst case scenario this means that you could be left without keys over the weekend, and having to store your items for two days, which is extremely expensive! You will then need to rearrange the removals company for the following week, and hope that they have a day off that works with you, all in all a complete nightmare! Obviously, this is an extreme case, but the fact of the matter is that you must try if you can to avoid the slightest chance of such events occurring, as they could throw a large spanner in the works, and make like a lot more difficult for you over all.
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