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What's Involved in an Office Removal

Published on Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What's Involved in an Office RemovalMoving your business? For some people moving is just a nightmare. They find it difficult to move the clothes from one wardrobe to another, to say nothing of an entire office! Like all other business initiatives, a removal is something which has to be planned and also creates some stress. But there is nothing to be afraid of! Here are some useful tips for your move.
As everyone knows, moving an office does not concern only the manager. There are other people there as well. Their assistance may be very important for finishing the removal.  Employees must be familiar with the removal. You would do well to inform them several weeks prior to the date you have chosen for the actual removal. They must not be disturbed. Also workers usually bring some tiny objects of personal value with them to their workplace - a family portrait, maybe some cosmetics, personal writing implements, a cup or mug, etc. They should be advised to take those items with them before the removal begins.
After you have chosen the best new location for your office you will have to choose the best company to help you get there. In most cases there is a difference in the size of the offices. Go to at least several removal companies. With their representatives, visit both offices so that they can estimate the best price and conditions for the move. Then choose the best offer. Often removal companies have former experience moving offices. They are familiar with the fact that offices do not work during weekends. So you'll probably be offered a removal time slot during weekend so as not to disturb your employees.
Everything should be well measured and planned for the new workplace - position of the desks, tables, computers, d├ęcor elements, in a way that leaves the most space for your employees. After all, one does not substitute his workplace for another, offering worse conditions. You should acquaint your staff with your plan. Of course the hired removalists should also be familiar with your plan. They must be informed of what is to be moved and what is not to be taken with you. When everyone arrives in the new office, they must meet suitable working conditions. Be sure to have running water, electricity, access to parking spots and phone and Internet connections.
Sometimes a day or two may not be enough to fully removing everything. And your staff may be of assistance. It all depends on the size of the office and the existing equipment. If your office is not too big, but full of small and quirky objects, whose arrangement takes time, you may wish to give your staff a half-day off. Some objects, for example desks, are often heavy. If your employees are helping you with the removal, remember that they are not movers - do not allow or order them to lift or carry those things. Trust the professionals. After all they have been hired just for this! Your workers' wellness is a rather important thing!
There are things which must be removed personally by you. Those include documents, contracts and other valuable papers. As a manager, it is your responsibility to protect them.
At last, when everything is in position, everyone is in his or her place and you are ready for a new beginning in the new office, celebrate your success! Whether you admit it or not, an office removal is always a stress. That is why good organization and choice of removal company as a partner in this initiative are so important. Remember - you do the removal in order to obtain better working conditions and, of course, more advantages for your company and thus - better results and achievements!
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