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What to Consider When Moving Your Home Business

Published on Friday, 20 August 2010

What to Consider When Moving Your Home Business
If you work from your home, then moving can potentially be a big disruption to your business. Planning in advance will allow you to use your organizational skills to offset any disruptive effects that the move may have on you and your clients.
Anticipate delays and downtime. If you think that the hustle and bustle of changing addresses will prevent you from delivering your goods or services at the normal expected time, or during a certain time period, then you need send out a notification to anyone who will be affected.
Pack stock properly. Make sure that your business goods are protected from heat, dust, moisture, pressure, impact and other environmental factors that may reduce the goods' value. Being organized when packing will save you time when you have to unpack.
Use the move to your advantage, if you can. If you're business is primarily based on providing internet or telephone services, then your downtime will be minimal because it doesn't take much to move the little equipment that you have. By announcing your move together with an assurance that there will be no adverse effects to your clients will reflect your efficiency and dedication to your business.
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