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What Is A House Warming Party?

Published on Tuesday, 14 December 2010

What Is A House Warming Party? A house warming ceremony is an auspicious event celebrated on the occasion of someone's entry into his new residence. These fall under the category of informal celebrations and are generally enjoyed with relatives and close friends. House warming marks a new genesis in the family's history and the people who come in with gifts and goodwill are expected to bless the family a very happy and a prosperous stay in their new house.
The Importance of House warming
House warming is a landmark event in anyone's family and calls for a big celebration filled with lot of fun and frolic. House warming also brings with itself a lot of interior designing and furnishing. The ceremony needs to be well coordinated and the atmosphere created should be bright, cheery and harmonious. Many people seek blessings from spiritual leaders and holy men for a happy future. Your home and only your home should be the cynosure and the event need not be made extravagant by other activities. A proper guest list should be prepared and a quality show should be put up as it's once in for a lifetime happening. The guests generally drop in with gifts to bless the family and their new house. If the family is moving into a brand new house, they needn't really bother about the décor as the guests do understand that it takes time to settle down. It can be an ‘open house' event so that guests can drop in at their convenient time and have a look around the place and the influx can be well-managed.
Why House warming?
The house warming ceremony is an extremely propitious juncture in everyone's life. This is the moment of pride and pleasure that's touched up with a lot of love and compassion. One should celebrate this remarkable event with extreme fervor and enthusiasm. The concept of house warming has been practiced from times immemorial and till date holds the very same significance and charm. The kindness endowed by people and the seeking of religious blessings surely makes this event a landmark occurrence in everyone's life.
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