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What a Self Storage Company Must Have

Published on Thursday, 28 June 2012

What a Self Storage Company Must HaveSelf storage, which is also often referred to as mini-storage, is a rather contemporary industry which allows people to rent a self-storage unit of different sizes for extra storage. They have the freedom to store all sorts of belongings, no matter on an individual or corporate level. Self-storage can be in containers, lockers, rooms, movable storage and so on. Usually people pay a monthly fee for their storage unit, depending on the size of it. What they store and for how long is their choice. If one is not very familiar with self-storage as a whole, here are the basic features that every company should have:

Typical Features of a Self-Storage Business

Good self-storage which is worth your time should have the following:
•    Height: Most companies use one storey because it's much more convenient to their clients. This way there is an easy access to each unit and no hassle of carrying items on different levels just to reach the unit. If you are looking for self-storage inquire about this feature so that you are prepared.

•    Access: Good self-storage companies are ready for all sorts of items to be stored - big, small and in odd shapes, so they should have large roll-up doors for an easier access.

•    Transportation: Between the different units, companies must provide trolleys for transporting items from the entrance to the specific place.

•    Division of Units: Storage units are generally separated with steel sheets or fencing.

•    Cameras: Security is the most important factor for every self-storage and if you doubt its reliability, don't trust the company. Most companies install surveillance cameras, but you should know that some of them don't record 24 hours a day and if there isn't a camera above each unit, there is not much point of a camera at all.

•    Lighting: This is, of course, an essential part of every self storage. The unit should be properly lit so the client can distinguish items and boxes.

•    Alarms: For more security and to prevent theft, some companies choose to invest not only in cameras, but in good alarms too, so that each unit is safe and an alarm is triggered when the unit is opened not by its owner.

•    Maintenance: A good self-storage company knows that the maintenance is vital, so that the client doesn't have to visit the unit regularly in order to clean it.

Additional Characteristics
Along with the above mentioned features, which are more or less basic, some self storage units offer extra features and this is probably what makes them stand out as exceptional in the business field:

•    Mobility: Some companies offer mobile self storage units, the so called containers. What they do is, they drop off the container at the client's house and after they have stored the items, the company picks up the container and stores it in a warehouse, which the client has access to.

•    Additional Security: Renowned companies with lot of experience may have additional security features such as gates with access controlled by a computer, live guards and 24/7 connection with the local police department.

•    Manager's Availability: It is possible for the manager to live in an on-site flat. This ensures their constant availability, which many clients prefer.

•    Transportation: More and more self-storage companies now offer transportation services, which can be costly, but they are quite convenient and safe.

•    Timing: Despite the specified time for most storage companies, some of them offer availability at any time for an extra fee.
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