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Tips for Making a Clean Departure

Published on Thursday, 07 June 2012

Tips for Making a Clean DepartureLeaving the place you are moving from in good order and semi clean is just good manners and is actually a good habit to practice. Here are some tips on how to clean the place you are moving from without taking too much time doing so or at least making it seem as though it isn't taking so long. This practice will be appreciated by the next person that will have the place after you or at least by the landlord of the property.

1)    Pack room by room
Packing room by room will allow you to get everything packed efficiently for one and two it will help you to clean area by area. This helps in many ways not only cosmetically but also mentally as we all know moving is stressful, going from packing to cleaning is like giving yourself a break from the packing to something that is much easier to do (cleaning). Pack up a room and move the boxes out of the room and just do a quick wipe down with a wet rag and a quick sweep, mop and vacuuming, whichever is needed in each room. This little bit of cleaning will go a long way.

2)    Clean behind appliances
Whether you are taking the appliances with you or not, it makes a big difference to clean under and behind the appliances. Behind the refrigerator for some reason seems to be one of the messiest places and behind and under the washer and dryer come in second place for messy appliance spots. Even if you do not take the appliances with you it is a good gesture to pull them out and do a quick sweeping and mopping underneath and behind them, you are sure to notice the difference.

3)    Sparkling baseboards
One thing not everyone does is wipe down the baseboards and it is incredible how much of a difference this one technique has on the cleanliness of a home and it is a quick and easy way to give the home a nice little gleam. After everything is packed and in a central location just run along the base boards with a wet cloth and shazzam! The house will have a nice little kicker to the overall cleanliness. If you want to be fancy use a scented cleaner watered down and you can leave the place with a nice little scent.  

4)    Hire a cleaning company
If you are just overly pressed for time you can always hire a company to come in and clean the house for you. This is a good option that is not too costly and a company will make sure that everything is nice and tidy after your departure. Depending on how big your house is this maybe your best option and it is one that is commonly used. Ask a friend or if you hire a moving company ask them for a referral it is likely they know some good companies as they know that common courtesy calls for a "no mess left behind policy"
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