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The Best Way to Pack up and Move an Apartment, Just Like Any Other Place

Published on Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Best Way to Pack up and Move an Apartment, Just Like Any Other PlaceThere are right ways to pack and ways that can be dangerous or lead to damage of items and this goes for every place that needs to be packed, whether it is an apartment, an office or a home. In order to move your belongings safely and without damage then there is only one way to do it without the possibility of injury or damage of items. In this article are some must do's of packing and moving safely, no matter what kind of abode you are packing and moved.

Packing supplies:
Having the correct packing supplies within reach is one of the most important things to a safe and efficient move. These materials include, packing tape, boxes, specialty boxes, packing or filler paper, markers and a checklist. There are also some optional materials that can be used as well such as, "fragile" stickers and bubble wrap for the extra fragile pieces that need to be moved. Items such as tape should not be overlooked, tape will keep the boxes from coming apart while in transit or while being carried and that is something that everyone hates to deal with; carrying a box full of items and suddenly the bottom falls out. Specialty boxes will help the packing of specific items such as televisions, dishes, glassware, wine collections, book collections and mirrors or pictures among other things. Markers will help to keep track of which boxes contain what and this is important when it finally comes down to unpacking later.

Having enough manpower:
In order to prevent injury it is important to have enough people to handle heavy items, such as furniture or appliances. Everyone wants to be like the incredible hulk but at some point we have to admit that we are not super strong mutations that can lift cars over our heads with ease. So, if it is possible to recruit some friends or family to help out then this is one of the best things to do so that during the move no one is injured. If no one is available at the time you will need them, then there is always the option of finding a removal company to assist with the removal. They have the manpower to execute a move with precision and care. The best part is that you won't have to lift one thing!

Have the right equipment on hand:
Moving equipment varies but one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment is a hand-truck or also known as a dolly. A dolly will help to move heavy items with ease, most of the time dollies are used to move multiple boxes at one time or to move appliances. Make sure that the equipment correctly is equally as important as having it available for use, if it is there but you have no idea how to properly use it, then it is no use at all. Dollies are quite simple to use in fact, the main points of using a dolly is to make sure that items being moved by a dolly are securely strapped to the dolly and to make sure you know how to control it with a load safely.

Never pull a loaded dolly down the stair, always push it down the stairs you never want to be behind a load, always infront!

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