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Storage Solutions for your Move

Published on Thursday, 27 February 2014

Storage Solutions for your MoveMoving house is such an exciting time, it’s such a big, exciting city with so much to offer and so much to look forward to. However it can also be incredibly daunting for just the same reason and moving house to anywhere always creates an extremely stressful time with so much to do and so much to think about. Storage, unless you are experienced in moving is not usually something people have much experience in researching and organising so it can present its own problems within the moving process. However, with the correct amount of time and consideration dedicated to it anyone is able to choose the right storage solutions for them and their move! Choosing the Right Location For YouChoosing the correct location is absolutely key to choosing the correct storage solutions because if you get the location right then lots of the rest of the factors should fall into place fairly easily. Storage actually within the city is likely to be significantly more expensive than that located outside of the city. However, if you don’t have your own vehicle or you plan on doing several trips to your storage facility then it’s certainly worth taking into consideration petrol money and the time you’d save if your belongings were closer by. However if you have a car and are planning on only doing one or two trips to your storage facility then it’s well worth researching storage that is located further out of the city. Decide How Much Space You Actually NeedDeciding how much space you will actually need is vastly important in choosing the kind of storage solutions you’ll need! The last thing you want to be doing when you’re already paying for an expensive move is to be paying for storage space that you’re not even filling up. That’s why it’s vital to get an estimation of how much room in storage your belongings will need so that you only need to pay a price based on your actual needs. This could affect where you get your storage, so this is an important one to put the research into and of course anything that can save you money during a move is worth doing! Research Cost and Payment Plans AvailableThe costs of storage facilities wildly vary, especially in the nation’s capital. It can be hard to tell when you’re getting a good deal or to know what exactly you’re paying for so that’s why it’s so important to put the research in to this area. It’s definitely worth asking for a costs breakdown so you can see exactly what services you’re paying for and why they cost what they do. It’s also worth shopping around for payment plans so that you can get a deal that’s affordable, value for money and the right deal for you and your individual moving needs. Be savvy About Extra ServicesThere are several storage facilities and removals companies which claim to offer extra services to make their facility seem that much more appealing than the others out there on the market. While some people are able to be swayed by or actually decide they need  things such as wireless internet or telephones at their storage facility, it’s worth questioning whether you will actually need those things and if not whether you’re paying for them as hidden extras in the overall cost which you’re unaware that you’re paying. Looking over this will ensure that you don’t waste any money on services which sound appealing but which you simply do not need.
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