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Self-Storage: All the Options

Published on Monday, 17 February 2014

Self-Storage: All the OptionsBefore moving house, storage is probably something most people have never come across or researched before which is why it can feel like such a daunting task when it comes round to doing it. Although self-storage is not something which everybody requires when moving house, it is certainly something several people find themselves needing so it’s always worth looking into so when the time comes you find yourself well informed and able to make an accurate and educated decision about what it is that you actually need for your own individual moving needs. How much space do you need?It’s worth calculating, before you make a decision about storage options, roughly how much space you’ll be needing. The more accurate the estimation the better because you don’t want to end up paying for any space that you’re not using as this is simply a waste of money. How much space you’ll need could even affect which option you eventually go for so this is definitely not something to skip, you’ll be grateful that you did it! What location is best for you?Choosing a location is a hugely important part of choosing your self-storage option. Storage facilities located in a city are always more expensive than those located in the suburbs or slightly further out. Where you’re moving to and the modes of transport you’ll be using are vital factors on whether you go for central or less central storage options. It is also worth thinking about whether you intend to leave your possessions in storage then simply pick them up all in one go and therefore only need to make one trip or whether you’ll be making several trips and picking up your belongings in bits and pieces. If it’s going to be the case that you’ll be making several trips then it’s worth calculating journey time and petrol money into whether it might be worth paying to keep your possessions somewhere more central to you. What are the costs and payment plans?There are so many different storage services out there all offering different options, costs and payment plans so it is definitely important to shop around and see all the different potential options you have instead of simply committing to one.  You will be paying for location, space and security so you need to check that all of these are the absolute best for your individual needs. It is also worth asking for a cost breakdown to make sure that you aren’t paying for any hidden or additional charges that you weren’t aware of. Several different companies offer varying payment plans so it’s worth looking into which would suit you best and offer you the best value for value in your circumstances. Don’t settle for something which appears to be too expensive for the services that they offer, it’s much better to spend time doing research and getting a fair deal instead. What additional services do they offer?Several companies seem to offer additional services to make your experience at their facility better, for example a free Wi-Fi or telephone access points. While these may certainly seem inviting, it’s important to think about whether these are services that you actually need and will be worthwhile to you or whether as they are included in the cost, you’ll just be paying extra for things that you won’t actually need at all. Extras are always nice but only if you actually need them!Self-storage doesn’t have to be a minefield and once you’ve done your research there are a number of really great, good value options to choose from!
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