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Renting Moving Van - Getting Full Service or Self-Service?

Published on Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Renting Moving Van - Getting Full Service or Self-Service? Each moving rental truck has something important to give to movers. It is a vehicle that carries your important belongings you need to transfer to the new home.   Rental moving trucks or vans are available in two types of services. These are full service and self service which have its own advantages and disadvantages you have to consider.   A full service moving truck you can rent is basically hiring a truck in which the company will do all the moving process. You can have the option to let the workers pack, load, transfer and unpack your things to the new home. Since others prefer to pack on their own and just let the employees of the moving truck company to carry and load the packed boxes, you can surely choose this option too.   Self-service, on the other hand, refers to renting a truck whereas you alone can do the moving process. You will do all the packing, driving and unpacking of your belongings. This could be a daunting option when moving but it is a good choice for people who need to limit their expenses.   These advantages and disadvantages of the types of moving truck services can lead you to weigh in your options carefully. You should know which of these types is what you can afford and beneficial to your moving.  
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