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Pro's and Con's to Living in Camden

Published on Thursday, 04 April 2013

Pro's and Con's to Living in CamdenNo matter where you live, there will be pro’s and con’s to your area.  The longer you have lived somewhere then the likelihood of you knowing all the good points and bad points will increase but why would you need to know these things?If you are looking to sell your home, moving to a new area or settling into somewhere having recently moved then it helps to know your area. Like Camden for example, if you live there now could you easily rhyme off all there is to know about the area? If you wrote down about where you stayed what would you say?Let’s get started on the con’s. Car parking is usually a problem for a lot of areas, whether it is parking while out shopping or at your place of work, or even limited parking at your own home.  The cost of parking is also a bug bear with people, many saying it is too high, as is the need for permits and that includes one for parking outside your own home if you want to do so.  If you live near a city centre the chances are you will not have the luxury of off street parking and will not be able to park outside your house. What about noise levels, are they too high? This could be from neighbours, train lines, passing traffic, a pub nearby. That last thing you want is to be sitting in your garden on a beautiful summer day and be deafened by a passing train!  Town centres leave a lot to be desired in many towns. There is no longer the vast array of shops anymore but there is a plethora of empty shops, charity shops or pawnbrokers. If you want a nice walk around the shops, what are the chances you would stay locally to do it?Now, what about the pro’s? Eating out and going to the pub is something a lot of people and families do, finding a place that serves good food at a good price and has a great atmosphere cannot be beaten! There is usually at least one of these places in most cities and towns and telling everyone about it will ensure it stays open for a long time. If you have a family or a dog, finding some decent parkland to walk on is a must. Even on the most miserable of days, heading out for some fresh air on a nice walk blows away the cobwebs and lifts your mood.If we actually looked at the con’s we could easily swap these around and list them as positives; your area may have great free parking, minimal to no noise and a fabulous, quirky town centre. This is also the same for the list of pro’s, you might live in an area that has no good pubs, no good restaurants and no parks!  Things that might be appealing to you may not be appealing to others and that is what makes us all different. Depending on our current set of circumstances, our family life and what our priorities are will all have a bearing on what we think are important to our daily lives. Take a step back and look at where you live, what you currently class as its good & bad points may not be the case for your neighbour or in fact yourself in a few years’ time.    
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