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Preparing For Your Removal Van To Arrive

Published on Friday, 07 March 2014

Preparing For Your Removal Van To ArriveOn the morning of the big move, it might be that you find yourself overcome with excitement or stress. As one of the busiest days around, the day in which you move home can be a stressful one. Making sure to plan ahead can mean that you have every detail of the day covered and that you can relax a little more. But what should you do before the removals van arrives in order to be best prepared for what is about to follow. With so much going on, take the time to follow the below steps in order to make sure that you are not running around in the final few minutes before a removals vehicle pulls up on your drive way, frantically searching for whatever you have lost. In the days preceding the move, it might be best to phone your removals team and double check the times which you have arranged with them. While it is likely that everything is just as you thought, this final check in can let you sleep easily knowing that everything is under control. It also gives both sides of the arrangement one last opportunity to voice any issues or ideas which they might have had with regards to the move. This might in relation to which lorry will suit them best or which route to take to the new property. Either way, this double-checking phone call can prove to be hugely helpful. In terms of what you can do on the morning, one of the most useful things to consider is whether your driveway is blocked. The removals lorry will likely want to get as close to your home as possible to better facilitate the loading and unloading of your possessions. As such, make sure that there is nothing blocking their entrance. I might be that a neighbour’s car or a wheelie bin has been placed awkwardly. Better to try and resolve the issue in these hours, rather than when the lorry is trying to pull into the driveway. A big part of moving home is packing away all of your possessions into boxes. This means that everything you own will be hidden away, at least for a little while. As such, taking the time to make sure that everything is marked correctly is important. Fragile items should be marked accordingly, and it always helps to have the contents written on the side. As well as the possessions you have packed away, be sure to keep a close eye on the vital items which you have chosen to transport yourself. Phones and wallets, maybe laptops and a selection of food and drink, as well as other items can be set aside to form a kind of survival kit and can allow you to have easy access to these items throughout the day. Likewise, make sure that the phone is fully charged in order to prevent an awkward moment when it cuts off during an important call at the end of a long and stressful day. Perhaps the last thing you should do before the van arrives is to walk through the house one last time. Once the removals process begins, it is likely to be a lot busier than the current state. This last pass through the home can function as a means of checking every last nook and cranny for things you might have forgotten. Once you are satisfied that everything you own is correctly boxed up, you can welcome the removals lorry up the drive and begin the process of moving home.
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