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Paying the Mover's Fee - What You Ought to Know

Published on Tuesday, 03 May 2011

Paying the Mover's Fee - What You Ought to Know Here's a scenario: It is moving day. You are done packing your belongings and have loaded them into the truck. All the tasks in your checklist have been ticked-off and you are on your way to your new home. Everything seemed to flow smoothly until you arrive at your destination. As you wait for the truck door to open, the foreman walks up to you and ask for the full payment. You confidently pull out your debit card but the foreman insists on cash or a cashier's check for a payment. You don't have a lot of cash in your wallet at the moment. It's Saturday afternoon and the banks are closed, what are you going to do?
Here's a tip I wish I had known when I was moving: Before you sign up with any moving company, be sure to verify their mode of payment. This is the key to a hassle-free move.
Moving companies are not like other companies in terms of accepting payment. They don't wait to be paid till the job is finished. More often than not, they will ask for the full payment before they unload the boxes in your new home.
Why do moving companies do this? The answer is quite obvious - if they unload everything before they get paid, unfair customers might simply NOT pay. With all their goods in place, the moving company could be trapped.
Most people are aware how moving companies work. What they don't know is that moving companies don't accept debit or credit cards. Therefore, check how your movers want to accept payments to make sure that the end of your move does not end sour.
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