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Packing and Transportation - Tips and Tricks for a Successful Move

Published on Saturday, 07 July 2012

Packing and Transportation - Tips and Tricks for a Successful MoveMoving to a new location is always exciting. It might be a fresh start in a new place, a new community or a better home. However, a not so exciting part of moving is packing all of your belongings. When the time comes for this not-so-pleasant activity, you're bound to realize that you actually own more things than you have use for and throw away or donate a large chuck of your belongings. Despite all your best efforts,, however, whatever you're left with will have to be packed into a minimal amount of space to be transported to the new location. Using a few simple tips and tricks, the packing process can become much easier and more efficient.

First of all, take care of what you keep. Be aware that a lot of your items can be replaced. A lot of people tend to use a big move as an occasion to replace their old, worn-out or out of date furniture, appliances and d├ęcor. If this is the case, you can save yourself the hassle and just move a few key things to the new location. The rest can be disposed of in a car boot sale, a yard sale, or simply recycled. Take inventory of everything you intend to take with you on the big move, so as to avoid losing or forgetting anything important.

If you do not have the ability to get rid of everything, however, you need to plan on how to move it. Large pieces of furniture usually present the biggest problem. A lot of people resort to the services of a moving company. This can have its advantages, as you can count on the skills and experience of professional movers and rely on the fact that your belongings will be treated with care. When selecting this option, it's good to ask around your circle of friends and relations and make sure you select a company that gets good reviews all around.

If professional movers aren't something you'd like to shell out for, there are always other options. A lot of movers actually provide vans for hire for a fraction of the cost of hiring professional movers. Rounding up a few friends to help with the driving and heavy lifting is a good idea and it won't cost you more than paying the tab at the pub afterwards.

Of course, if one of those friends should happen to have access to a moving van, that could reduce the costs even further. Just make sure to ask around and do not be afraid to accept help.

When it comes to the actual packing, everything is fairly straight-forward. Naturally, you should make sure that everything fragile and breakable is safely packed away with a good amount of bubble wrap. Lighter boxes should always go on top of heavier ones. Make sure to use the space in the van as efficiently as possible and, wherever possible, try to tie things together, so as to limit any kind of shaking and shifting during the drive. Generally, it is a good idea to pack solid items such as appliances in boxes, and things like clothing, bedding and the like - in vacuum-seal bags, so as to limit the amount of space they take up to a minimum. Failing that, large plastic bags, garbage bags and anything of the sort could prove to be a useful low-budget alternative. Remember to make sure that everything is well-covered, however, to avoid unnecessary wear-and-tear.

Lastly, after the big move is done and you've made sure that everything has arrived safely, do not feel like you have to begin unpacking immediately. Take a moment to relax, congratulate yourself on the success and enjoy your new surroundings.
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