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Moving to Wimbledon, do you choose an estate agent or a search and buying advisor?

Published on Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Moving to Wimbledon, do you choose an estate agent or a search and buying advisor?If you and your family have made the decision to move to Wimbledon then you may be thinking about going out and hiring an estate agent, which is the standard thins we all do when we are moving house.  Estate agents are usually the people we turn to when we want to buy or sell a property, however, they are not the only people available to us, we do have the option of hiring a search and buying advisor instead. Often, using a search and buying advisor instead of a real estate agent proves to be very beneficial for you, in a number of ways.What is a search and buying advisor?Search and buying advisors were established in the early 1990’s, at this point the prices for property within the UK were extremely high, owing mainly to the fact that estate agents work on a commission basis, the more they sell a property for the more money they make out of it, so they were selling properties for as much as possible.  Search and buying advisors were introduced as a way of bringing down the property prices so that you pay for what the property is actually worth and not extra so the estate agent can make more. A search and buying advisor is exactly what it sounds like, it is a professional who is experienced and qualified in helping you to find and buy your ideal property, they will search their extensive databases for available properties and will even view some of these properties for you so you don’t have to. Once they have found a property they think you will like they will recommend it to you and help you to arrange a viewing for yourself.  If you like the property they will help you to put in an offer and will negotiate for a lower price on your behalf. What’s the difference between and estate agent and a search and buying advisor?An estate agent works on a commission basis, it is in their best interests to sell a property to you at the highest price that they can, by doing this they make sure that they get a nice commission cheque at the end of it. Estate agents work for both the seller and the buyer, and most importantly themselves. A search and buying advisor, however, works solely for you, the buyer, they get paid the same amount regardless of how much you buy your property for, and so they are more motivated to get the property for a lower cost, which in the end could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Furthermore, because it makes no difference to them what property you buy, they search for you with your needs and wants at the forefront of their minds. Can a search and buying advisor offer any services an estate agent can’t?Yes, search and buying advisors are qualified in offering a number of services, furthermore they will be more willing to offer these services to you than an estate agent would be:•    Negotiation skills: whilst estate agents have excellent negotiation skills, they never use this to argue for a lower price, in fact exactly the opposite.  Search and buying advisors are expertly trained at bringing a seller down on price. •    Search and buying advisors have an extensive database, often bigger than that of an estate agent, meaning they may have access to more properties, even houses not yet on the market. •    Relocation services are offered by search and buying advisors which is incredibly useful to you if you are moving to a new area you are not familiar with.
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