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Moving the Breakables -- Packing Tips and Tricks that Really Work!

Published on Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Moving the Breakables -- Packing Tips and Tricks that Really Work! After moving into your new home, the last thing that you want is to find your precious items scratched, damaged or broken. We all hope our belongings arrive in one piece. Hence, make the necessary precautions when packing and loading your fragile items, especially the china ware, dishes, vases and figurines. The Magic of Bubble Wrap You probably heard of bubble wrap before. This is a plastic sheet that has numerous bubbles on the surface. Its main purpose is to provide cushion and support to your items. Bubble wrap is available in any supply store and is usually sold in yards. You can use it to wrap your breakables or fill the box to avoid shifting. If you should use it as a covering, be sure to secure it with packing tape so it won't slide off. Packing the Box When it's time to load your box with dishes or any fragile item, be sure to put in the heavier items first. You must also be careful not to overload the box. Lastly, mark your boxes with 'fragile' so your movers know which boxes to handle with utmost care. A Cheaper Alternative If you don't want to spend cash in buying a bubble wrap, towels and blankets are also a great alternative. All you have to do is cover the items with layers of towels or blanket. However, ensure there is enough space inside the box. If the box is too large, you may also use crumpled paper or newsprints to fill gaps and avoid shifting.
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