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Moving House The Easy Way!

Published on Monday, 13 January 2014

Moving House The Easy Way!Ok so moving house is not simple but if you plan the move correctly there are ways in which you can move without the headache and the sleepless nights. Organisation is the key!If you want this move to be a simple and straightforward as possible then organising before hand is the key to success!Careful planning needs to be in order well in advance, no last minute rushing about as this only spells disaster! As soon as you have a date for removal you can begin to organise, prepare and plan the move. Start by sorting out your home and having a massive clear out, get rid of unwanted items by either donating them to charity shops, offering things to family and friends and selling the rest and you never know, you may even make a profit which can help towards the cost of the move.Start looking for removal hire companies quite early on, you do not have to book up straight away but by having a good idea of who you could hire is great for later on, as its one less thing to worry about! As soon as you are certain of the moving company you would like to hire though, book it because the sooner you book the better chance you have at getting the date you want. Before booking your removal services make sure that the company can offer you the services you require. For instance are you looking to hire just a man and van or do you need extra help? Do you require packing? Do the removal company have a packing service? If so does it cover you by their insurance? These are the sorts of questions you need to ask yourself and the removal hire firm before you book! Packing and lots of it!Packing up a house to move can be a daunting and never ending task. You will require some packaging and boxes and you will need plenty of it. Never rush the packing as it’s crucial that it’s done properly because these boxes are going to be stacked within the removal van and the moved during transit to the new property. This can be quite a rough journey for goods that are not packed properly, especially those delicate items such as cups, plates and ornaments and what you do not want to be left with, is a box loads of broken goods! Think about who’s going to pack, are you going to attempt it or would you like to use professional expert packers to do the job for you. If you are unsure of how to pack efficiently or have very little time to spend doing it, then maybe removal packers are just what you need. Using packers to do all of your packing is the easy way but some may be concerned about the cost of this service. Well, it’s not that expensive really and what is great about using this service is that most of the time you can request a surveyor to visit your home to quote you for it, before-hand! This will give you a good idea about how affordable this service is for you and what you need to remember is that usually this service comes with insurance, to protect your goods, which is an added bonus! Don’t leave all of the packing until the last minute! As soon as you have a date for removal, start packing! Pack all of those things that you don’t use often, such as your DVD collection, clothing and kitchen utensils etc! The more you can get packed now, the lesser a job it is on the removal day.
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