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Moving House? A Guide for Relocating for Those with Busy Schedules

Published on Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Moving House? A Guide for Relocating for Those with Busy SchedulesMoving house can be a daunting and harrowing task. First you have to find your new dream home, sell your old residence (if you're a home owner), pack everything you own and then find a way to transport all of your items from your old residence to your new one. This whole process can take weeks, months, maybe even years. You will, by all accounts, need to be pretty hands-on when it comes to finding your new home. A home should be to your own taste, so you will have to physically go look at different properties and then chose the one you fancy most. As for selling your old one, this can be left to a good estate agent. When it comes to packing and transporting all your worldly possessions, there are a variety of services out there that will take care of the job for you if you're too busy to tackle it yourself, or you just don't fancy the long and taxing task of packing everything and then moving it. Below is a brief guide for those who do not wish to be hands on with packing and transporting, and are not working to a strict budget:1) Hire a Packing serviceIf you're at your home now, look around you: look at those heavy pieces of furniture, endless books and DVDs, kitchen appliances, and general riff-raff. Doesn't look to fun to pack it all, does it? Not only will you have to pack it all, but you'd have to acquire the packing materials. If you work 5 days a week, 10 hours a day, it'd be hard to see where you'd get all the time to do this, especially if your move in date is in a week or two. There is a simple, if costly, solution; hire a packing service. For a fee, these professionals will come in armed with packing materials; pack everything away in a neat and efficient manner. All you would have to do is to open the door.2.    Hire a removal company. There are plenty of options when it comes to transporting all your packed items: you could hire a Man and Van service, or you could hire a vehicle to drive yourself. However, if you're looking to move with as least stress to you as possible, then the best bet for you is to hire a good, professional removal company. They will, for a price, come in to your home, load everything you wish into the van, and then drive it to your new residence. If you ask nicely, they'll even let you ride in the front of the van. Removal companies are the better options for those who want a hands-off move is because removal companies provide labour in their price. Hiring a Man and Van service means you will only – usually anyway – get one pair of hands with the service. If you hire a vehicle to drive yourself, then not only will you only have your pair of hands to load the van up with, you'd also, needless to say, have to drive it yourself.3.    Get an insurance policy. To truly have a stress-free moving experience, you'll need to have peace of mind that your items will be safe in the hands of others. Although it is impossible to guarantee that none of them will get damaged, it is possible to ensure that if they do get damaged, you will be fully compensated. Most reputable removal companies will offer you an insurance policy. If they do, take it. But if they don't, some insurance firm somewhere will certainly give you a policy. You should note that most home insurance policies will not cover damages incurred to your personal items during a relocation.
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