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Man And Van Hire - Do's And Don'ts For Your Smaller Home Removals

Published on Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Man And Van Hire - Do's And Don'ts For Your Smaller Home RemovalsWhether you need a man and van service to move you out of a bedsit or a three bed house, the flexibility and range of a man with a van service should see you right. Success in such a field simply takes understanding your job, and understanding the man with a van marketplace! If you are in a position where you can get a recommendation, then you should follow it up, as otherwise you will have to go through what can be a pretty full on vetting process, trying to work out who is giving you the best price, and who you feel you want to work with. All of these factors will team up to form how well you feel you will be treated, and how much you can afford, which is, at the end of the day, the main factor!1.    What do you need?A short wheel based transit van will fit in a three seater sofa alongside a couple of other large bits and a few boxes. Cleverly stacked, it will do a two bed flat domestic removal that is moderately furnished. This is pretty speculative, and only goes on past experience, but you need to work out your needs based on the sizes of your own furniture and the like. A long wheel based van will fit a huge amount more in, and you would be surprised by how much you can get done with one of these vans; no need for any over the top removals companies with trucks and lorries, as you can probably do a four bed flat, or a moderately sized house in a long wheel based removal van. Ask your van man for advice when you are talking to them about price.2.    Budget.If you have a strict budget, then the risk factor involved in paying by the hour could be an issue. You will most likely want to remove the possibility that you could get stuck in traffic and end up dropping huge sums of money on the time that you were not actually getting anything done. This risk is one of the necessary evils of the industry, and you will find that it comes with a flip side; hourly rates are massively cheaper than a quote in most instances. A quote will tend to protect the driver against such instances of the van using fuel, but no work being done, and therefore the price will be hiked to a fair bit more than the hourly price would be. This is why drivers do it, so that they know they are covered. Of course, if you can’t deal with risk, then this may be for you, but if you can’t have risk because you are limited in cash, then the risk of getting it a lot cheaper may also be tempting. The only way to make a decision is to look up how long the journey should take, factoring in potential traffic as well as loading time, and make an informed decision from there. 3.    Driver. You will likely find that you get along with some people more than others, it’s a fact of life. Given that you will be sitting alongside them for a while, it may matter to you that you like the man with a van driver and can have a chat. However, it does not matter hugely to others. In most situations, you can deal with an awkward silence as long as the price is right. However, if you feel like a driver does not care, then the resulting lack of attendance to your items may cause breakages.
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