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Make Your House Move-in Ready in Four Easy Steps

Published on Saturday, 30 April 2011

Make Your House Move-in Ready in Four Easy Steps If you want to sell your house fast, then make it move-in ready. A house that is move-in ready is a great way to attract buyers. Most people looking to buy homes want ones that they can already crash and settle in. By preparing the house properly, you can free buyers from the hassles, not to mention the expenses of repairs and remodeling. This is the secret to a truly marketable property. Step One: Hide from view personal items - You want potential buyers to envision the place with their own stuff, not yours. So be sure to keep all the photos and collectibles you may have in the living room or bedroom. This method also brings more space into your house, making it seem larger than it actually is. Step Two: Repaint - Hire a professional to do the paint job so you can ensure an impressive end-result. Choose neutral color so the house looks simple yet sophisticated. If you should do the painting yourself, be sure to make the necessary precautions to avoid spills and drips. Use a tape to get clean edges and be sure to cover the flooring with newsprint. Step 3: Clean, clean, clean - Thorough cleaning goes a long way in making a home looking brand new. It is also the cheapest method to revamp a house. Eliminate cobwebs and stains from walls and the ceiling. Deep clean the carpet, scrub the bathroom and be sure to leave the kitchen sparkly. Step 4: Change Fixtures - If you can't afford a remodeling project, consider changing the locks, doors handles, lighting fixtures and outlets. You'll be surprised how tiny changes can easily jazz up the looks of your interiors.
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