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Knowing your Duties as a Tenant of the New House

Published on Saturday, 11 December 2010

Knowing your Duties as a Tenant of the New House As a tenant of an apartment or a condominium unit, there are specific responsibilities that you must be very aware of.  And like the landlord or owner of the unit, you, too, are bound to follow these duties. Below are some of these: a.        Get to know the landlord or owner before you even move in to the house.  By personally meeting the house or apartment owner, you will know who to turn to should you be encountering problems with your neighbors or the apartment itself. b.      You need to ensure that you clean the unit before and after your move out.  It is no longer the responsibility of the landlord to clean the house for you, instead, this duty belongs to you.  Apparently, because you are the one who will dwell on this place, renovations and paintings will be your take then.  c.       Check and read through the contract.  Remember that whatever you sign along with your landlord will be effected after. Therefore, before you even be engulfed on a web of problems check out with your lawyer or a legal expert about all the stipulations in the contract.  Knowing your duty and obligation as a tenant is a wise thing to do and by starting with these, you will have a good start.  
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