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How to Save and Raise Cash for Your Move

Published on Sunday, 20 March 2011

How to Save and Raise Cash for Your Move Costs can run high in removals. But there are also ways to make it less expensive. For one, instead of hiring the full service of the removals company, you can pack your things yourself instead. Even if you hire a removals company, you can still save by sorting your things well. You can segregate the things you will no longer need. This would lessen the number things to pack. And so the removals company will charge you less as well.
If you will do the packing, you will need less packing materials. You will even need less time to pack everything too. In addition to that you can sell the excess items so you can get more money for the move.
Instead of giving away all frozen foods and perishables, you can prepare some of them as snacks and easy to pack and eat meals along the drive. This would minimize the need to order out so it minimizes additional expenses as well.
If you are a member in clubs, you can ask if it is transferable or it can be sold to another individual so you can cash in on the membership. Don't forget to inform the IRS so tax refund checks would find its way to your new address. If the move is due to a new job, you could also get a tax refund.
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