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How to Prepare your Office for Moving

Published on Wednesday, 17 December 2014

How to Prepare your Office for MovingMoving office takes a lot of preparation; there are numerous people, all with their own belongings, as well as the items which belong to the office itself. Not to mention, business needs to carry on as usual, which is difficult if you’re packing up the equipment. To make sure the operation runs smoothly and business can return to normal as soon as possible, preparation is key. Here are the ways you can begin preparing your office for the removal company so the process is as quick and easy as possible.ResponsibilityMake sure each person is responsible for their own belongings and files. The last thing you need to worry about when there’s so much equipment is other people’s personal items going missing. Instruct everyone to pack their own things and bring them to the new office themselves. Make sure they back up any work on their computer, for example, to a memory stick, and ensure they look after this themselves.Ask them to pack up any items they may have on their desk which belong to the office, such as stationary. If the items are delicate, get them to wrap them individually in bubble wrap and put them in boxes stuffed with newspaper to prevent them from rattling against each other and being unstable. If they also remove the draws from their desks, this could be an immense help and save a lot of time. In addition, get them to unpack their desks when they reach their new desk at the new office.Units and desksEmpty all shelves, units and desks of items. Wrap any delicate items in bubble wrap and pack into boxes with newspaper. Take out any remaining draws from desks, which could slide out during the move and wrap these separately. Once you’ve emptied all units, make sure to protect any sharp edges and corners; you may want to use bubble wrap for this or you can use sheets or blankets to cushion the furniture in the van.Floor planSupply the removal service with a floor plan of the office you’re travelling to as well as the one you’re in so that they can arrange the furniture once they get there. Make sure they’re fully informed about fire escapes, stairs and the size of doorways. Giving the company an idea of the size of the task at hand will allow for them to plan and come up with a strategy ahead of time, making the move smoother. Providing this information is also a matter of safety as, if the building is large, knowing where all the fire exits are is imperative in case of an emergency. ComputersAfter you’ve backed up all the work on the computers, unplug and carefully wrap each component in bubble wrap. Fold up any cables and tie them in a knot to stop them from becoming tangled and put them in clearly labelled boxes so setting them up again at the other end isn’t too hard. Number each computer with a marker and label all its corresponding elements with the same number so you know which part goes with which computer. Although most parts are interchangeable, this simply aids the unpacking process. Wrap any screens in bubble wrap and, rather than put them in boxes, put them upright in carts (the type used in libraries for books) so they can be wheeled. This will stop any rattling and possibly cracking or breakages on the journey. However, make sure the removal company secures these properly on the moving van so that they don’t slide everywhere.
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