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How to Prepare Kids for the Move

Published on Wednesday, 12 October 2011

How to Prepare Kids for the MoveAn announcement of the move may be taken negatively. But with time and encouragement, they may also turn around and be excited about it. Kids especially teens could give negative reactions. But you should be willing to discuss things especially their feelings. Have some patience as well so you would be able to explain why you need to move.

It would be helpful if you can keep everyone involved. For instance, the bigger kids can pack their rooms and personal belongings. The smaller kids can pick their favorite toy which they would be taking with them during the move. They can also pick the color of their own rooms.

You can also introduce them to their new neighborhood even before the move. If it is just across town, you can take a trip there to explore the area. Of course, it's typically interstate or the international move that is the hardest. You can research about the new place together so all of you will find something to be excited about.

Explain to them that moving would not be totally bad. Eventually they would find new friends. You can even use books about moving to make them feel better and to help them accept the move faster. They can also communicate and even visit their current friends as well. You can even help the smaller kids setup their own email and social network accounts for easier communication with friends.

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