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How to Manage During the First Days after the Removal

Published on Friday, 09 November 2012

How to Manage During the First Days after the RemovalA house removal is a big and serious task to undertake, as it involves people, hard work, a professional company and a moving truck. You must also take your budget in to consideration and think about the time it will take. However, it is all worth the investment of money and time, because moving house is actually an exciting time. Unless you've been kicked out of your beloved house for some reason, you are probably relocating due to a job opportunity or for a new lifestyle. Embracing the change is the first step towards a big adventure for your whole family. Going through the moving process is not easy for everybody, but it'll be worth it in the end. In order to reach that moment when you feel settled and are comfortable in your new home, you need to organise the entire move and have it all planned on paper and in your mind. The checklist for your move will guide you throughout the process.

Coping with the first few days after the house move is a big challenge. It is much more than just the physical labour of unpacking cardboard boxes and arranging each item. So how does one manage to go through these days successfully? Here are some useful and easy steps to help you get started.

1.    Don't rush the process of settling in. There is time for everything and unloading and unpacking is not something that can be done within a couple of days even if you feel the urge to rush the task. Even if you have to start a new job right away, you should leave the unpacking till the evenings or the weekends. Even if it takes you a week or two to get everything sorted, it's definitely worth the time, because you are creating a home out of an empty house and this is more important than completing the job quickly.

2.    Be creative. If you know the layout of your new house well in advance, you may have thought about the way you would arrange the house and where each piece of your furniture will go. Stick to your plan but be creative and improvise too. Don't create a copy of your old home, but try something new and different. Moving house is a chance for you to start fresh and to create your dream home from scratch so don't miss out on the opportunity.

3.    Try to stick to your usual routine. If your children need to go back to school straight after the relocation, make sure their day goes as usual. You can unpack room by room and box by box without disrupting everyone's lives.

4.    Unpack the essential items in the first few days. The kitchen, bathroom and living room (the most important rooms) should be unpacked and arranged first. The less essential items can wait a bit.

5.    If you have moved most of your items without sorting them out, this is the time to do it. Be honest about the things that you actually need or will use and get rid of the rest. If you have moved to a smaller house, make sure you deal with the limited space in an appropriate way. Don't pile up your items all over the place, but rather put them into boxes and store them separately.

Dealing with the first few days after the move is all about organisation and prioritising. If you have planned the move well, the settling in will be just as easy.
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