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How To Find A Rental Flat In A Town With Tight Rental Market

Published on Saturday, 21 July 2012

How To Find A Rental Flat In A Town With Tight Rental MarketIf you found yourself in the situation of searching of a flat to rent in a town where rental properties are a few, don't give up! You still can find the place just right for you and make it yours (for the time being of the rental contract ). In order to achieve that, you only need to be prepared, and you best prepare by reading the following tips

1. Go visit the place prepared!
This includes having references, bank extract on your financial state, and above all - good mood. The documents will give you the material evidence of your trustworthiness, and the god mood will make you bare everything easier.

2. Look good!
Sometimes, this particular case included, first impression is everything. Don't go wearing every-day clothes, make some effort with your hair - you have to look as respectfully as it goes, but not like as if you are going to a funeral or an engagement with the Queen.

3. Make a preliminary research!
Find out how high the average rent for a flat like this in the town is, are other flats of the same caliber (size, location, price) available, can any public transportation be found nearby, is a parking spot included to the flat, and everything worth knowing about the place before you go and see it yourself.

4. If you like the place - say it!
Sometimes you go in a place and you spontaneously feel comfortable inside. Don't hesitate to tell this to the landlord, but keep some of your excitement for yourself. The LL should be able to notice your honest feelings about the place, but you don't want to sound too eager to get this particular place right now and at any price. The latter would just make the LL try to squeeze much higher price out of you, and you wouldn't be able to step back and want a fairer price!

5. If you don't like the place - say it!
If you the flat just doesn't appeal to you, just say this to the landlord. Use restraint tone, and the landlord should be glad to hear some honest feedback. This can even make him/her offer you a lower rent, but don't count on that - it's rather a rear case. But it surely will leave a nice and honest impression of you.

6. Make your mind quickly
Whether you want to rent this flat, or you don't - spare both yours and the landlord's time and say it. Both f you can use the time better than just circling around each other wondering what to say.

7. If you cannot decide so quick - say it!
Maybe you are not sure how you feel about a particular place, or you are torn between equally nice (or, worst case scenario, between two moderate good) flats. Put this to the landlord straight forward. But don't test the LL's patience! Say you need a couple of days to make up your mind. Watch the landlord's reaction on that and assess the situation - is he/she willing to give you this time, or not. In either case don't give yourself more than 3 to 5 days to decide! A week is the best you can have, and that is only in the case you have a good reason to make the LL wait for so long!
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