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Home Removals - How to Store More in Your New Kitchen

Published on Monday, 10 September 2012

Home Removals - How to Store More in Your New KitchenAfter you move in a new place there is plenty of work to be done. The hardest task is finding place for each and every thing you own. If the new home is quite different in terms of design, storage and size then it's even harder to organize your belongings. One of the problematic places can be the new kitchen. If it doesn't have that much storage space as your previous one, then you need to find ways to make more room. If you want to store more here are some of the tricks and tips that you can follow:

1.    Remove sugar, flour, pasta, rice and other similar products from their packaging and put them in special containers. Square containers are particularly useful for this purpose - this way you can store much more inside a drawer.

2.    Spices can take plenty of room too, besides, while keeping them in the original packaging you may not see everything that you have immediately. A great way to store spices is by transferring them into small containers. You should add labels on top and the side. These containers may take a whole drawer, but at least you will be able to identify them straight away, keep them dry and cool.

3.    Take a look at the space between the ceiling and your kitchen cabinets. It may look like a small space but with the right sized boxes you can store plenty of things up there. It's best to choose items and goods that you don't use very frequently. If you don't want to put boxes there you can use large baskets which will add something different to the room's appeal.

4.    You can buy some drawer inserts and organize your items easily this way. This will allow you to use that extra space in the drawers.

5.    You can attach hooks or racks inside the cabinets doors to boost your storage options. Don't overfill cabinets, but use as much space as you can.

6.    Hanging baskets down the shelves is another easy trick for creating more space. There you can store fruit and other food items.

7.    Always place flat items between other items, this will allow you to have a clear counter and kitchen table.

8.    The space under the sink is the perfect place for your cleaning supplies, bin bags and others. You can even add some shelves and use the space to its maximum.

9.    If you have blank walls, add some shelves. Don't use big ones which stick out a lot, but rather think what you are going to put on them first. According to the items choose the size of the shelves.

10.     When you need more space inside the cabinets you can adjust the shelves so that there isn't much void between the items top and the upper shelf.

11.     Use metal grid or pot racks to store your utensils and pans and hang pans on metal hooks. Some of your utensils that you use frequently should be placed in a way which allows easy and quick access.

12.     If you have a dining room why don't you buy a buffet to store your china and glassware there? It's best to keep such fragile items away from the counter and the cooking area.

The key to creating more space for storage within a limited area is to be creative and not be afraid to buy unusual shelves and racks. As long as they work for you, it really doesn't matter what anybody else thinks.
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