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Give Yourself Time to Research the Best Removals Company for your Move

Published on Tuesday, 06 August 2013

Give Yourself Time to Research the Best Removals Company for your MoveIt is well known that moving house is a massive pain, and given that the average Briton only moves 8 times in their life on average, it is no wonder that we never really get used to the process in a way that will serve us in good stead the next time around. For this reason, you will often find that hiring a decent removals company for a larger move, or a great man and van service for a smaller one, will transform your removals process from a horrendous effort, to a relaxed and efficient series of events that culminate in you finding yourself nicely set up in your new place! Of course, there are things to worry about like costs and effort with research as well as time, but if you start early enough, all of these things can become less of a problem, and more of a triumph of organization!Starting as soon as you have the dates for your removals will put you off on the right foot, as you will have the most important commodity that there is during a move: time. Time will allow you to make the right decisions as well as give you the freedom to research ways of doing things that will make everything easier overall, as well as potentially cheaper, quicker and generally more efficient. These varying elements will mean that you can relax overall, and make the move less of a struggle, and more of a slower paced, relaxed process. So, you have got your move dates sorted, what now? Well, the first step comes in two parts. The first thing you should do is find a removals company, but even before you knew your dates, you should have been researching the perfect removals companies for your job. This will involve looking online for reviews sites, and finding the best companies in your area, who offer all of the services that you require for your move, as well as great customer service, prompt arrival times, and a general devotion to doing a decent job for the customer. When you have found a few companies in your locale that will give good service, you should make a list of your top 5 for your move, so that once you have the dates confirmed, you can ring them up for a quote straight away. This quote will often be open to negotiation, especially if you let them know that you are aware of the companies that are in direct competition with them, so ring round each of the companies in your area, and check that you are not being offered a ridiculous price before you start to bargain your way towards a cheaper removals quote. Whilst bartering for a decent quote is fine, there is no use in just trying to get money off if you do not really know what you are talking about, so do your research, ask other what they paid, and look online for price comparison sites, so that you have ammunition against any company who tried to stitch you up. Be aware of going with a company just because they are cheap however, as this can result in disaster, when you find that they make up for their costs by doing a terrible job on you move. These instances will often result in you paying more after all, as you will have to repair the damages done by the rubbish company! 
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