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Essential Points to Consider Before Signing a Lease

Published on Friday, 13 May 2011

Essential Points to Consider Before Signing a Lease No matter how excited you are to move into your new apartment, remember to take it easy and don't rush into signing a lease until you do the following:
1.     Arrange to see the apartment in person
Make sure your money is well spent by arranging an actual visit to the apartment in question. Any landlord can easily make apartment units sound fabulous and impressive. Pictures on the other hand, may only show similar but not the actual property. By visiting the unit, not only will you be able to inspect the unit closely, but make sure that you hand the payment to a real landlord, not a scammer.
2.     Meet the landlord
Meet with the landlord so you can assess his personality and likeability. An ideal landlord must be friendly, responsible and is someone whom you can easily contact in case of emergency. If you should rent an apartment owned by a huge rental company, be sure to meet with a representative and tour the property with him.
3.     Ask the neighbors
Residents can give you tons of information about the neighborhood, landlord and other residents in the apartment complex. Be sure to meet some of them to get to know your place a bit better.
4.     Review the contract
Don't sign the agreement unless you have read it thoroughly. Look for possible fees and rules that might not be favorable for you. Be sure to ask your landlord if you find any loophole that could lead to misunderstandings.
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