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Cheap Van Hire and Where to Look?

Published on Thursday, 31 October 2013

Cheap Van Hire and Where to Look?Be careful when looking for a cheap van to hire for your house removals because although you want a cost effective service you do not want to sacrifice for shoddy tradesman ship!But I only want to hire a van?If you are looking to hire a Van you can easily find a hire company online or in your local newspaper. Some companies offer a self-drive van whereas you only hire the actual vehicle and you use it for whatever service you require. You can hire self drive vans for a couple of days or a whole weekend and it usually works out to be better value by doing so.If you are looking to hire a van and a driver you can save on costs by hiring midweek. Monday to Thursday is usually cheaper than hiring at weekends. It’s also cheaper to hire during the day than it would be to hire on an evening.Location is also another factor to consider, hiring in certain parts of the country could be a lot pricier than others. London and down south generally has the highest rates for hiring companies!Distance should also be considered, you will be charged for fuel consumption and the price you pay will depend on the time and length of the journey.What size van should I go for?Depending on how a big a job your removal is expected to be you may be able to save costs by opting for a smaller van however if the small van requires to loadings and double the journey time, you could end up paying more so it’s very important to consider this factor carefully before you book.Do I need to hire a man’s assistant?Again an extra pair of hands can make light work, it can help get the job done quicker and it could save you money in the long run however if this is only a small job that be done in one removal you may be better off not paying for that extra pair of hands and instead offering to help yourself.Will any Van do?A van is what it is, it’s ideal and its helpful however do not be tempted to hire a cheap van if it does not look roadworthy because if the van were to break down during delivery it could cost you time and will no doubt add to your stress. It is always better to go for a reputable van hiring company than just anybody willingly wanting to lend you a van to make some cash.Will I have to drive it?As long as you hold a valid licence that allows you to drive a van yes! If you do not feel confident enough to drive the van then you could always ask someone else who’s qualified to drive it for you. Do not attempt to drive a van for the first time if you don’t feel able to do so as you will have to pay for any damage to the van should anything happen to it. Also you will more than likely pay a deposit for the van you use and the van will be checked when taken back to the depot, if any scratches or faults are found on the vehicle you could end losing your deposit. Now that you have all the info you can search online, check out your local paper or ask around to find a good van hiring company. For extra peace of mind you should take time to seek the company’s customer feedback score prior to booking.
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