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Advice for Keeping Your Art Safe during Home Relocation for Holland Park

Published on Wednesday, 02 January 2013

Advice for Keeping Your Art Safe during Home Relocation for Holland Park 1. PROTECTING PRECIOUS ITEMSWhat are all relocating people worried about the most during the long journey, during the packing and the unpacking? They are worried about their possessions of course and more specifically about their most expensive and valuable possessions. Some families can’t afford expensive jewelry or precious paintings or artifact or fancy items of any sort and usually their pieces of jewelry are more expensive in terms of personal sentimental value but there is still the other half or why not majority of people, who when moving have at least one or two possessions which are expensive because of their unique content and such belongings are usually some sort of art. Unfortunately, art items are exactly the type that is the most vulnerable and the type that needs to be the best protected possible during the journey of your removal. This article will carefully guide you through the technique of preserving intact your valuable artistic possessions on the road from your old home to your new one preferably in Holland Park in this article’s case. 2. DIFFERENT TYPES OF ART, DIFFERENT PROTECTIONThese can be of any kind-paintings, plates, glass vases, porcelain vases, ancient sword, shields, armor, helmets, old guns and the likes. Most of them, if not every single one of them is particularly vulnerable and easily breakable so you need to pay special attention and take special care for them. The good thing about artistic items is that there is no difference between protecting a million dollar painting and a hundred dollar painting-they are equally fragile so naturally the bigger the price is the greater is the concern but at least you know there is nothing more that can be done. Some people do invest in art that they have created on their own rather than purchasing it from an art store but even if that is the case on the contrary that can only increase the anxiety about the safe journey of the specific work of art. Naturally a simple way of doing this is to mail the specific painting-this way even if it lost you will be able to get compensated properly but some people just appreciate their stuff much more as they are rather than for their financial value. 3. MAKING SURE THAT THE JOURNEY WILL BE SAFEThere are just several things you need to do properly in order to then know, on the removal day itself that you have done everything possible in order to ensure that your possessions will arrive at your new home with a scratch of damage. What you could do, as the article already mentioned is to contact professional services, to get guarantees and to make sure that you will be properly compensated if something unfortunate happens to the item while it is in possession of that company. Usually it doesn’t because most moving companies (the good ones) are absolute professionals and problems occur very rarely. Regardless, remember that it will be still more expensive and more tiresome to complete the process of transportation than to simply pack it yourself. When it comes down to the packing process remember that you need to gently wrap it in some suitable, gentle but resilient protective material and that then you need to employ any matter of protection you can think of-placing bubble wrap, cotton, packing paper, old newspapers, etc. If the worst happens to occur remember that usually art is irreplaceable so cross your fingers and hope you won’t be part of that small unfortunate percent in the cases of which an accident occurs.
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