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4 Of The Most Common Types of Annoying Neighbours and How to Deal With Them

Published on Wednesday, 22 August 2012

4 Of The Most Common Types of Annoying Neighbours and How to Deal With ThemNeighbours are like a present - one cannot choose them. When your relocation is finally over, you can dedicate some time to getting to know the new neighbours better. Always among them are some really annoying characters. Read below to find out about a few of the most common types of annoying neighbours and how to deal with them.  
The handyman
This is a guy who knows about everything, and who unfortunately often imposes his authority over everything and everyone in the building - he is playing the landlord anytime. He is the town sheriff, the one to resolve conflicts and keep away the strangers. In addition, he always comes and performs every small or large repair everywhere in the building, without being asked, even ringing your doorbell armed with his toolkit, slipping inside and starting with "I heard that your kitchen sink is leaking" or something similar, and starts working on the issue, while explaining the entire time how expensive this repair would be if done by a contractor.

How to deal with him: Try to maintain good relations with him, at least for the sake of free repairs. Listen carefully to all his explanations, complaints about the other tenants, and his sad life story, of course. Serve him coffee or tea and some cake or biscuits every time he visits your flat, and he will leave happy.  

The teacher
Into this category fall not only actual school teachers and university lecturers, but also some others claiming to be experts in every sphere of knowledge. What makes some of  them the annoying teacher is the expressive knowledge of laws and regulations - for garbage disposal, silent hours, parking spots, house duties, and so on. The teacher is the neighbour who tends to write complains to the landlord, the council, the police and every other authority when he or she decides that something you do is disturbing him or her. Warning: he or she often never comes to you to explain the problem, so you cannot know if he or she is disturbed until you are affected by the consequences of his or her claims.

How to deal with him or her: Here you have to start very early - before you have even moved in. The winning tactic is to go meet all the neighbours in advance and to correctly recognize this individual. To make sure, ask detailed questions about the previous tenants. In the process of the explanations of the teacher you will be able to identify the potential problems. After you move in, do your best to avoid those problems, or just have a good lawyer in mind.

The eternal obsessive senior citizen
This person usually dedicates his or her time and effort to watching the neighbours and finding out when they go out and come in (and with whom!) and generally what they do during the day and night, minute by minute. This is the neighbour who starts the rumours in the neighbourhood, in case you wonder.

How to deal with them: Be polite but persistently concise when talking to them. If you make just one step backwards, they will conquer your personal space.

The night owl
What makes them annoying is obviously the noise. Night owls not only throw parties almost every night of the week, they also have loads of friends visiting and staying for a wile, and they use the night to wander trough their residence, to cook, take showers and watch TV while everyone else is asleep. The annoyance grade of the night owls depends mostly on how thin the walls are and how many windows are opened.

How to deal with them: Don't make any special effort to deal with the problems. And besides, statistically those individuals tend to change residences the most often. So arm yourself with patience and earplugs, and wait for them to move out.
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