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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Packing For Small Home Removals

Published on Friday, 21 November 2014

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Packing For Small Home RemovalsFrom the small pencils and the paper documents, to the toothbrushes, the shoes and the clothes - there are plenty of small items to care about when moving to a new home. Yes, the big and heavy items are the most difficult ones for moving at long distances, because they require a big volume of the moving van, as well as two or more man to carry the heaviest furniture pieces. The small items usually keep the last places in the moving checklist, but they also do need their own cares and attention. Take a look of these three tips on how to make the packing of your small home removals even easier!1. Make checklists with all the items in each room and include another separate column for the smallest items. A checklist in an alphabetical order is not a good idea, indeed, it`s the most chaotic way to keep your belongings "in order" at the moving day. If you have a separate space only for the small items, it would be easier to deal with them for a few hours and then to move on the next step with the big heavy boxes. Another great idea is to separate the lightest curtains, blankets and other fabric materials aside. Use them later as protective wrappings of the wooden edges of the furniture, for example, or for wrapping flat TV screens and windows to keep their cleanliness during the move. After sorting and de-cluttering the small and light items, you can also find only with a blink of an eye the items that you need to move to the new home and which are the useless ones. From old paper sheet, to old letters and old magazines - there are plenty of useless stuffs to emerge from the piles. There is no need to move them to the new home even if they are the lightest ones, and to put them into the garbage container only a couple of days later.2. After the selection of the objects and the items that you will pack for the move - begin with the packing process itself. There is a myriad of box types that can suite the size and weight of your items. Find the most appropriate removal company or a man with a van service in your region and ask the moving agent for the options with the packing boxes. They can have discounted or rental boxes, or even nature-friendly boxes that can be recycled after the move. From flat and long boxes for paintings and flat TV screens, to big reinforced boxes for dismantled furniture - find the exact types of boxes for your items. It`s not recommended to be much larger than the items themselves, because the free space between the walls of the box and the item means a greater chance of damage in case of turning or rolling. On the other hand, the bigger boxes keep a lot of free space in the moving van. Because of that, take your free time when choosing the right packing boxes and wrapping materials.3. The next step is to secure your home removals whether they fit tightly into their boxes or not. The small furniture items like the bookshelves from the library or the small exotic chairs are usually wooden, and they requires some special protection too. Use edge protectors for the most delicate spots, as well as bubble wrappings for the most detailed areas. Make sure to strengthen the boxes with enough packaging tape or use the soft light materials like blankets to protect the small home furniture.
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