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News and Tips for August 2013

3 Step Guide to an Eco-Friendly Relocation

Published on Friday, 23 August 2013It is no secret that there has been a global push by society to make everything we do that much greener. We are increasingly given tips of how to save energy around the home and are ever more encouraged to make sure the way we transport ourselves is eco-friendly. When it comes to moving home, your green conscious should be active for this task as well. Although i...

Moving House? A Guide for Relocating for Those with Busy Schedules

Published on Wednesday, 14 August 2013Moving house can be a daunting and harrowing task. First you have to find your new dream home, sell your old residence (if you're a home owner), pack everything you own and then find a way to transport all of your items from your old residence to your new one. This whole process can take weeks, months, maybe even years. You will, by all accounts, need to be pr...

Give Yourself Time to Research the Best Removals Company for your Move

Published on Tuesday, 06 August 2013It is well known that moving house is a massive pain, and given that the average Briton only moves 8 times in their life on average, it is no wonder that we never really get used to the process in a way that will serve us in good stead the next time around. For this reason, you will often find that hiring a decent removals company for a larger move, or a great m...