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News and Tips for October 2011

Packing Tips to Avoid Moving Nightmares

Published on Saturday, 15 October 2011Collecting Packing Materials Investing on packing materials ensures a safe and stress-free move. Packing paper and bubble wrap protect fragile goods from cracks and breakage. Strong boxes help a lot in keeping valuables organized and dirt-free. Packing tapes keep boxes sturdy and goods secured. There are also packing materials you can find in your own home. B...

How to Prepare Kids for the Move

Published on Wednesday, 12 October 2011An announcement of the move may be taken negatively. But with time and encouragement, they may also turn around and be excited about it. Kids especially teens could give negative reactions. But you should be willing to discuss things especially their feelings. Have some patience as well so you would be able to explain why you need to move. It would be helpf...