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Whether You Are Moving In Or Moving Out Of Marylebone, W1 We Are The Team You Need!

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W1, NW1 man and van Marylebone removals

We know Marylebone like the back of our collective hands. We’ve been working in this area for years and we know all the back streets. As a local company we have been the removal experts of choice for Marylebone residents since we first set up shop in the area many years ago. But the one thing we have learnt in all that time is that local knowledge isn’t enough. Our customers have always expected the best and from the first day we opened our doors we have been working hard to tweak our service to ensure that that is what you get. It’s taken a while, but all that listening and tweaking has paid off and we are now proud to say that Man and Van can offer you the premiere removal service in Marylebone.

So what exactly are we talking about?. Well, first and foremost we conduct a unique assessment, often several weeks before moving day. People don’t want a removal company that guesses how much stuff you have and then leaves you to fork out for the difference, so we plan everything, from the number of people it is appropriate to have on site to the size of van/s you will require. From our point of view it’s just good planning to avoid drama. For you though, it means you have the security of knowing there are know hidden costs to stretch your wallet even more, and perhaps even more importantly, you aren’t paying for unnecessary people or equipment. Moving is expensive enough without these added problems.

For Us You Are the Boss Who Makes the Decisions From the Moment You Hire Our Marylebone, NW1 Moving Team

We also offer optional extras, such as packing and unpacking services with our careful and understanding team. We might have done this a million times but you are the boss and we make sure you feel like it!. After all, only you know the memories your possessions hold. That’s why we give you access to the packing materials the industry uses, without the premium price tag. It probably sounds too good to be true, but just one call to us on 020 8811 8922 will have you telling all your friends that the local Marylebone removal company are the way to go!
Marylebone man and van hire W1, NW1 removals
An affluent part of the City of Westminster, Marylebone gets its name from the church dedicated to St Mary which is now known as St Marylebone Parish Church. It was built on a river called the Tyburn, which is what it appears as in the Domesday Book of 1086 with an impressive value of 52 shillings despite a population of less than 50. In the 18th century it became famous for the elaborate parties held by the well to do families in the area, as well as the bear-baiting and prizefighting that took place in the Marylebone Gardens.

Parking in this area is controlled by the City of Westminster council. Unfortunately, the one thing we can’t help you with is reserving us a space for your moving day, so we’ve made it as easy as possible to compensate!. By clicking on this link you’ll go directly to their transport page. Simply follow the onscreen instructions and you’ll find that you are there in no time at all. The closer we are to your door, the quicker and safer you move is, both for us and your possessions. By limiting the chance of accidents we can help ensure you have a stress free move so get in touch today on 020 8811 8922!

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