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Moving Into Westminster, SW1? Moving Out? Whatever Your Needs, We’ve Got You Covered

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SW1, W1, WC1 man and van Westminster removals
When you think about moving into Westminster you don’t imagine all the back breaking work that you need to do before moving day. You might think about your new house in one of the most desirable parts of London, but not many people find their mind wandering to the laborious task of boxing everything up. That’s the main reason why so many people are turning to the local, Westminster removal company; Man and Van, a team renowned as the perfect one stop shop for all your moving needs.

Let Us be Your Guides In Your Moving In or Out of Westminster, W1

What separates us from other companies is the fact that, while a lot of people say they are with you from start to finish, we really mean it. Our service starts often weeks before moving day, with our unique removals assessment. It’s the best way to accurately plan what it is you need from your moving team in terms of van space and people. Without it, you could be left without enough room in the vehicles, or out of pocket paying for a bunch of people who have nothing to do. Without it, we wouldn’t be organised, and you could be paying for things you don’t need. With it, we have no surprises and you only pay for exactly what you require.

Cut a Large Amount of Your Moving Costs in Westminster, WC1 With Us

Westminster man and van hire SW1, W1, WC1 removals
We also offer additional services. You can get premium packing materials from us without the premium price tag; the perfect way to keep your prize possessions safe from harm. Not only will we give you the boxes, we’ll help you pack, and if you need us to we’ll even unpack them with you when we get to the other end. Like I said, when we talk about a complete service we really mean it. When you call us on 020 8811 8922 we even insist that you keep that number with you, so that if you need it you can take advantage of our hints and tips guides, using our experience to help move white goods and keep kids calm, entertained or involved depending on their ages. What are you waiting for?. Give us a call today!.

Westminster is of course famous as the home of a number of the most well known landmarks in London. From the Palace of Westminster, to Buckingham Palace, from the Abbey to the Cathedral, the number of prestigious buildings in this small part of the capital is frankly astonishing. It has been the seat of government in England for almost a thousand years. The historic core of the area is Thorney Island, on which the Abbey was built. It became known as the traditional coronation spot for royals and also royal weddings. The nearby palace became a primary royal residence 1066 after the norman conquest and ever since, the area has been renowned as a home for royals, along with many of the rich and famous.

Parking in the area is controlled by the City of Westminster and as a result, we do need to ask you favour. Without their permission, we can’t park our lorries on your road so click on this link to travel to their transport page. From there, just by following the onscreen instructions you can book us a spot close to your door. The nearer the better in terms of speed, safety and keeping the stress down. Apart from that, all you need to do is call us, we’re waiting for you to ring on [PHONE NUMER] and get your move moving!

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